Best Gifts Reviewed – RC Helicopters and Drones!

Less than 11 weeks out from Christmas. Time to start thinking about gifts for the littles – and not-so-littles. Our Electronics Reviewer, Caleb C., breaks down the differences between RC Helicopters and Quadcopters (Drones) in this quick look at a few great gift ideas for this holiday season.

FULL REVIEW of the Best RC Helicopters/Quadcopters:

When reviewing RC Copters, we paid close attention to Ease of Use, Flight Time and Ruggedness. Take a look at our Top Performers:

#1 performer for Flight Time:

#1 performer for Ease of Use:

#1 performer for Ruggedness:

There are also several differences between RC Helicopters and Quadcotpers. Generally speaking, quadcopters are a bit easier to handle for first time users.

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