Basic Flight Of Raptor SE 50 Size 3D Fuel RC Helicopter

John flies his Raptor SE 50 Size 3D Fuel RC Helicopter for the first time after 3 months off at the Chino Valley Aviators’ Club in Arizona, October 6, 2012

Originally unclear about the various fuel type helicopters, I called this a gas helicopter, but you can see the pink fuel and type of exhaust making this likely a Nitro. Check out more about fuel helicopters in some of the talk-show segments of, which I am recommending as a listener to the show.
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  • GeeWhizWhat:

    My apology. I am sure you are right that this is a Nitro. Check out the RCHelination website. You can email those guys and they can advise you. Some of their programs also feature segments on all the pros and cons to the various fuel helicopters. Let me know how it? goes. Good Luck!

  • vilicia164:

    Hello, I'm thinking about replacing my OS 50 engine on my Raptor with a gasoline engine. I've been searching for a suitable gasoline (gas) engine and have come across your video because your video is titled Gas RC Helicopter. I would like to know if you mean (gas) for gasoline or nitro. Your model sounds and looks (to me) like you've got a nitro engine on it. I may be wrong. Please let me know if yours is gasoline or nitro. I'm looking for help from people who have done the conversion.

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