Autonomous Helicopter Flight (??????????)

Autonomous RC helicopter flight using only one webcam for position detection. Onboard Bluetooth sensor system is working, but disabled for this flight. In the autopilot mode, computer takes the total control, and we just need to monitor the system.



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UVCS Autopilot System with Vario XL-C UAV Helicopter Demonstrates

UVCS——Universal VTOL Control System is an advanced autopilot system for unmanned vertical take-off and landing aero vehicles. It can accomplish auto take off/landing, hover, cruise flight and maneuver flight.
The system composed of INS/GPS system, flight control system, mission management system, command communication system and ground station system (depending on configuration). It suitable for general helicopters, unconventional VTOL aircrafts, variable load tasks (e.g. Delivery task, traction task and so on)

UVCS has a comprehensive state of art technologies, which are:
? Nonlinear system identification technology
? Advanced INS/GPS system
? Advanced control technology
? Mission management system
? Communication system
? Ground station system
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3 Responses to “Autonomous Helicopter Flight (??????????)”

  • Vysakh R Nambiar:

    thank you for the advice i am thinking of getting the coaxial colco lama but some people are commeting it has a heating problem so trying to find some coaxial that is little more reliable over here in india its hard to find r/c hellis

  • Vysakh R Nambiar:

    and one little but very important advice you could give me what kind of RC helli should i choose i havent done that yet i was looking at a colco lama 5 and strip it off you have any suggestion regarding that will be greatly apreciated

    colco 5 is a coaxial

  • Vysakh R Nambiar:

    i went to the site yesteday itself sorry i dint updat thanks for the reply anways

    one more thing do u think a two camera implementation or a single camera like yours will be better am working on a similar project for my degree

    any adivce will be valueble which university are you studying in?

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