Amazing ESKY 150XP Mini RC Helicopter with CC3D

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ESKY 150XP is an Electric Mini RC Helicopter with flybarless head. Available in RFR version, this helicopter can bind to DSMX, SBUS or PPM Micro Receivers and you get to enjoy its superb flight performance using your own preferred radio system. This saves costs as you do not have to pay for a radio, and space as any such RTF Helis will add one more radio to your collection. ESKY 150XP offers extremely easy flight and superior stabilization system using CC3D flight controller. This helicopter is so stable that it feels like it has some sort of position hold sensors. Not only that, it is lightweight and crash resistant too. Now even complete beginners can enjoy learning to Fly RC Helicopters without worrying about crashing and breaking. Even my 6-year-old kid can fly ESKY 150X series helicopters just fine.

ESKY 150X and 150XP are highly recommended RC helicopters for all RC helicopter lovers and specially those who are looking forward to getting into flying RC Helicopters. These Helicopters give you the best bang for every penny you spend on them. Enjoy the Flight video and do not forget to watch Unboxing video on my channel.

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17 Responses to “Amazing ESKY 150XP Mini RC Helicopter with CC3D”

  • ccbusa05:

    Great little heli. I can't find an answer to this question: what is the difference between the Esky x and Esky xp?

  • cdh88:

    Thanks for this well-made video, good information.
    My 150XP is en route for delivery today, can't wait after seeing this review.
    I currently am flying a WL V911, looks like this one a good next step…

  • A Lee:

    Thanks for this video and your recommendation of this helicopter…

  • A Lee:

    What radio are you using…how many channels

  • Oq Syauqi:

    I have fixed pitch walkera uflys.. And really want it to be installed with flight controller..i.e. Cc3d, etc.. Is it possible..?

  • JASS Silva:

    does it work with AFHDS flysky protocol?

  • JASS Silva:

    can i bind it with a control from fly sky fs-i6?

  • dancollins:

    Hi Alishanmao! My best compliments to you for the great work you are doing for fans of this great hobby that is dynamic RC modeling. I wanted to ask you something very important: I saw your video on the ESKY 150 XP helicopter and it looks great for a beginner like me. Now I would like to know if there is a bigger version that works in a fully assisted way like this, because my intention is to buy one so easy to drive but bigger. Can you help my Friend by answering this question? I thank you so much and wish you peace and serenity and a long life full of the best. Hello Roberto

  • RCPilot:

    Hi, I have experience with FP and CP helicopters, and I have been out of it for a while.
    I'd just like to buy something I can muck around with and have fun, would you recommend the XK110 or the 150XP?
    Thanks a lot mate, you've always been an inspiring guy!

  • Bernard Woods:

    Great Demo. You do informative reviews!!

  • Robert Glazier:

    Hello sir , your videos are so good and very helpful. I really like that green table top. Did you build it your self, or did you buy it. I would like to get one like that if possible. Thanks. Robert

  • Lawrence Lam:

    Thank you for your awesome video=]]]]]]

  • Bad Boys:

    i am moslem from libanon

  • Bad Boys:

    are you moslem

  • Miguel Diaz:

    I'm buying one! thanks for the review Ali!

  • Multirotor Go:

    Back in China?

  • Rodney Leonard:

    What an awesome little bird & ya have impressive skills

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