Air Hogs Helix 360: 4-channel RC heli, overview & flight

Air Hogs Helix 360 four-channel RC helicopter, reviewed at


19 Responses to “Air Hogs Helix 360: 4-channel RC heli, overview & flight”

  • theimacman:

    Did you watch the? video? He talks about the gyro…

  • Foxtropics:

    I have four of these Heli’s, yes I said FOUR of them. I fly them around indoors on rainy days or days when I? just don’t feel like messing with larger heli’s. I have multiple 450 size, and one 600 size hobby grade Heli’s I fly regularly. One thing I can’t stress enough is how amazingly accurate these fly to their hobby grade counter parts. They are smaller so they are naturally more twitchy on the controls than larger Heli’s though. These are an AMAZING starter heli for anyone interested.

  • RcRiler:

    How? does it go forward and reverse?

  • MrBuck417:

    i got this and it sucked. i didint even fly. do you think i did anything wrong??

  • SuperHOTrains:

    is? this gyro

  • stickboyjones:

    Hey jang can you do a reveiw? on the dynam m100

  • superheli808:

    its an infarred so no?

  • DinoXavier:

    how? long can it fly?


    This was my first helicopter I got about a year? ago..I still fly it…BUT..this little helicopter was like the gate way helicopter cuz now I have around 10 from indoor choppers to my big trex 700e that is a monster!!! And I have probably spent over $8000. On this hobby and still wanting more…this is a warning! Lol..

  • stickboyjones:

    i think they shoild make wall chargers for these because i dont lioe spending money on betteries and i like to fly my helos from them alot like 6 or 7? times a day

  • agentpatdude:

    can it go outside

  • Travis Gryphon:

    i had this and couldnt get my to fly for the life of me, it would take off and slam into the wall. maybe mine was difective, id like to get another? one

  • HaNdHeLdReViEwS1170:

    helix 360? hawk eye!!!!

  • Jake Lewis:

    it depends.. do you want? to get something that can take video but not audio or do you want to get something that has a lot more maneuverability

  • lamboguy59:

    what should i get: helix? 360 or hawkeye?

  • nightmareninja10:


  • brushlessmicrot:

    mine didnt fly at all when i? got one

  • discofitzy1:

    I? pretty much have the whole line of air hogs and i drive each one with the procision of ab expret Brett – Sarnia-Ontario

  • Nintend0Brawler:

    do u pay for? all of these

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