Aerial Video Helicam Systems We developed an Align TREX 600 helicam to seize the motion from earlier mentioned during our off road activities. This video explained our procedure or identifying, developing, mastering to fly and capturing the stunning aerial movie you see in this movie. For more info and hyperlinks go to our web-site website link over. Warning: RC helicopters and related aircraft can be very dangerous to run. Serious injuries and demise can arise running this equipment.
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  • kalzx:

    This is a great hobby I paid in full for my compass 3d plus doing AP in about 14 months and I use a go pro as well. All you? need is a few good jobs and you will pay for your heli

  • Evan Miller:

    very good video. happen? to be getting into aerial video but i started out being in the hobby flying helicopters first. i use t rex 600 nitro but want to get 700e or 600e to carry the cameras. ive built a mount to fight vibs and think it does decent.

    thanks for the great vid.

  • lyshaboy4:

    great video, how do you keep your vehicle that you? are chasing in frame? or is it just trial and error with taking different takes to get everything framed properly?

  • Buzatesri:

    Great, thanks for your insights. I started about 4 months ago to get a different perspective for my filmmaking and as you alluded to, this thing can really take time — maintenance after crashing is probably the biggest component…. I have a 450 size heli which is less stable than your and I am resigned (when I have time) to buy a 600, the shots you took do inspire? me to press on despite the black hole of time it creates.

  • germanshorthairdude:

    Thanks for the video. It answered a bunch of things I wondered about about on your Helicam. I’m also curious about the training software as well as your video editing program and technique. Thanks? for sharing.

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