3D printed Bell222 for T-Rex 450 RC

3D printed Bell222 for T-Rex 450 RC

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Mechanics: T-Rex 450 DFC
Mainrotor: MiniTitan
Mainblades: Spinblade Halbsymetrisch 350

New Mechanicsbodyparts: ABS printed with 0.4mm

Body: PLA printed with 0.2mm
Wheels: Reely with Aluminumrim D=25 mm

FBL System: VStabi
Engine: Scorpion MKII 2221-10 3000KV 550W
Servos: Rotorstar

Lightcontroller: Arduino Nano
Flightweight: 1444g
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4 Responses to “3D printed Bell222 for T-Rex 450 RC”

  • The Cat of Nine Swords:

    I really like how you have integrated the retracts and rear gearbox into the 3D-print model. I was not expecting that and it's really nicely done.

  • djpj54321:

    Great! I'm looking for an airwolf fuselage, but they are sold out everywhere. Do you think I could scale up this heli to a 500 size? I have no experience at all with 3d printing, so no idea what is possible.

  • Hobbykeller WHV:

    Sehr schönes Projekt, ich denke S-Schlag Hauptrotorblätter würden besseren Auftrieb bringen.

  • Planes Stevee:

    Awesome! Do you sale any of your scale fuselage? If so where can I find them?

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