Xieda 9958 Micro RC Heli flight review for beginners.

Xieda 9958 4ch. 2.4Ghz Micro RC Helicopter flight review for beginners.
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16 Responses to “Xieda 9958 Micro RC Heli flight review for beginners.”

  • Sergej Nadaždin:

    i won't buy this one , because i am scared , if i break the tailboom , so i will buy the coaxial one.

  • RC Maniak:

    Xieda 9958 was my first rc helicopter and model so it had hard times but i learned with it a lot and now mastering collective pitch ones.

  • Wayne&Stark:

    no offence but have you flown a bigger heli b4? because they are way more stable than a smaller one.

  • turbinedog Bla:

    this is a piece of shit helicopter, my back rotor is almost broken from 5 flights!!! it wont hover properly and the batteries suck like 3 4 min max idk if its me but i say its SHITTTTTT

  • Foreignn:

    your right that does hover well

  • tech Master!:

    tryin to buy this exact one…all i can find is 40 doller version on ebay anybody can u get them for less please contact me…[email protected]

  • HeyFlashman:

    Stable, not stale. Sorry.

  • HeyFlashman:

    If it is flying that poorly out of the box you may have a bad gyro. Check your main rotors,make sure your tail blade is on the right way and make sure your lipo is fully charged. If still not flying well, rma and get another. They fly pretty stale right from factory. Good luck.

  • Yojimbo67676:

    Hey I just received this heli and when it attempts to hover right out of the box it continuously spins in circles going to its left I tried to adjust using the fine tune options on the controller but does not help.. PLease help!

  • GeorgeBonez:

    Naaa a Syma 107 is a coaxial and it does not have the the performance that this Xieda 9958 FP has! …

  • HeyFlashman:

    My bad… It's actually the left stick (throttle). I had to check my post from 11 months ago. That will toggle jr and sr mode. Good luck.

  • HeyFlashman:

    You can toggle from jr. To senior mode by pushing down on the right stick while the radio is on. You should hear a click and a beep. It doesn't make much difference though. Good luck.

  • Christian Sansovich:

    i heard that this little heli will go from a junior to senior mode how do you do that

  • Imothep:

    The chopper is off of ebay, so the answer is merely no.
    I've trimmed the rods today. I made both 2 1/2 turns longer. The swashplate now is totally tilted (maybe 15-20 degrees or even more) but I'm having better control and the heli flies nearly normal, beside the fact it hangs in the air as beveled as the swashplate

  • michae5757:

    can u take it back

  • roundsaturn31:

    Sorry to hear that bro, you must have got a lemon. My personal one was bought well over a year ago and is still going strong. Hopefully you can get a better one if you pick up another one down the road.

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