QUINN RC flying the Q700, a home made heli at RCHN 6

The most unique helicopter I have ever taken video of! Quinn built 90% of this helicopter! (Quinn RC on Facebook). Most of the metal pieces and carbon fiber parts were all done by Quinn including the canopy! Known to RCHN folks as the Q700, Quinn shows that he can build a heli and throw down hard with it too! Shot live at RCHN 6.

Bill ANN
Gibson Les Paul Trad 2011
Amplitude 4
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Learning to Fly--Heli Controls

There are a few things you should know before your new model heli ever leaves the ground. Helicopters have a control set up that is unique. This video shows you how to manage the changes in control layout for your heli. Check out the other five videos to learn more. Save new pilots money, time and frustration by using RealFlight to get real world experience from a virtual simulator!

RealFlight website: http://www.realflight.com

Learning to Fly – Airplane Controls

Learning to Fly – Airplane Landings

Learning to Fly – Airplane Takeoffs

Learning to Fly – Interlink Elite

Learning to Fly – Turning Your Airplane

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