V911S Fixed Pitch FBL RTF Heli – Detailed Review Inside and Outside

The V911 was and still is a perfect gateway drug into helis and 5 years later WLToys decide it’s time to update their classic to a sleek and super clean flybarless version. I don’t think I will ever forget the V911 experience which was my first ever heli as I bashed it round my room with a big stupid grin on my face in utter amazement as it simply wouldn’t break until I learned to hover by the brute force method. I had 4 of them at one point and flew at least 6 or so of other peoples and not one of them flew the same. To say they were an organic experience would be kind but some were just down right sloppy but still impossible to dislike. So of course I had lots of questions and was quite excited to see how this one turned out and even 10 seconds in, anyone picking it up will be able to tell it’s a very different look and even more so, different experience. Flybarless means we have a much lower profile head with less moving parts and one less servo than a collective pitch FBL as the electronic stabilization steps into the limelight in place of that clumsy but effective rotating mass. So is the flybar dead?

Well that really depends on what you specifically want from a heli and possibly a little on your current skill set. While i’d still heartily recommend the V911 to anyone who has never picked up a heli or even anything rc at all before, the V911S is a little more suited to those who can at least hover for 30 seconds or so and very much those who felt frustrated by the original V911’s lack of speed in fast forward flight and inability to fly outside without getting swept up, up and away in even the lightest breeze. The V911S FBL is strong and very assertive springing the heli back to level with gusto the moment the right stick is returned to centre and in a tight space, the lack of minute cyclic inputs without a forceful ‘snap’ back to attention may well put off a totally new pilot wanting to simply learn to hover inside. If however those inputs become bigger to get the heli moving and fly faster or fly circuits, the electronic stabilization leaves the V911 flybar feeling like a very outdated and sloppy, almost clumsy experience in comparison. There’s practically no bobbling up and down of the nose or heli as it cuts through the air with a clean, predictable precision and it has a smooth, elegant grace to it that’s hard to predict if you had only hovered it on the spot inside.

The tail performance for a FP heli is superb and feels very much like the XK range of micro helis. It holds well without excessive bounce even if you stab at the inputs and doesn’t drift at all towards the end of the lipo like the original. It starts and stops smoothly without any jerks and there’s loads of resolution for ultra slow yaw inputs and very respectable speed at max stick deflection. I didn’t seem to get 2 rates as the manual would suggest but I don’t feel that it’s actually needed. It will even fly backwards at slow speed and only hunt a little which is something the V911 simply wouldn’t do without spinning back round to nose first.

Instead of the V911S taking the place of the V911, it joins it in the growing lineup of entry level helis and complements it really well taking off where the V911 couldn’t physically go, just don’t expect it to be a hands off hover unless you are outside with some space to drift and definitely don’t expect it to fly like a quad or the original V911.

I’m curious to see if binding this with the T12 will allow some taming down of the 6G like the XK range provide so if that works out, i’ll do an update and perhaps a giveaway too.

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V911S provided for review by Banggood, using this link to purchase one supports my channel, future reviews and doesn’t cost you a penny extra to do so.

Original V911, probably better if you haven’t flown anything yet or want a slightly more hands off experience for flying inside a small room. Highly recommended, old flysky protocol, not FSi6 compatible.

Slightly updated V911 pro, same design with some slight physical improvements to improve durability of the frame, links and canopy.

Promise by Mack Powers

Promise by Mack Powers

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36 Responses to “V911S Fixed Pitch FBL RTF Heli – Detailed Review Inside and Outside”

  • thliaw:

    Do you manage to bind v911s with your T12?

  • T. M.:

    The engine in the middle burns when you have 3 or more accus behind and fly the helicopter. Rubbish engine. The heli is nice and fast. But the engine is crap!

  • Oded k:

    Nice fly ?

  • Dario Juriši?:

    I have this heli and it is too fast for indoor, outdoor this thing fly even in heavy winds, and it really flyes fast…awseome heli

  • Wolf:

    For a beginner, do you think the blade 70s is better? what about quality? I heard blade 70s is very durable, what about the v911? Thx


    Was excited to try the V911S as I was a big fan of V911 and V911 pro but I was completely disappointed with 911S. Tried changing pitch horns to less sensitive position as some suggested to no avail. It was really weird to me the way they have the gyro programmed it flew very robotic like fashion, hated it.

  • gnargnarhead:

    bought one of these 6 months ago, finally broke it while cleaning, had no trouble smashing it into steel poles and concrete walls at full speed.. $7 for a new swashplate and a handful of other components, couldn't be happier xD

  • Dean Daniels:

    What would you recommend has my first heli.Been watching your channel and found it informative,great work keep it up.?

  • Hobby Grade:

    What's your favorite small helicopter so far?

  • blacksukhoi:

    Hi do u have any idea if this heli can be flown with the other WL Toys 4ch transmitter? I already have one from V912, i’m planning to get the V911S BNF version. Plus i don’t really like the standard transmitter from V911 and V911S.

  • alexander miller:

    I just got a blade 70s.. to practice for my align 450 xl.. this looks great a lot larger than the 70s and more sporty

  • Garden Flyer:

    Just bought one. Thx for your review and tips!

  • andrea4809:

    I have been flying heli's a long time, do you know something like this would have cost you around $300+ 20 years ago.

  • andrea4809:

    Sand and paint your doors white and your house would look brand new.

  • ?????:

    Is it compatible to Flysky i6?

  • Robert Embry:

    Can you bind the 911s with a 911 remote?

  • Donald Trump:

    This is just a WL v930 (power star) with out the brushless main!

  • sawajiri100:

    This rc helicopter is amazing can fly on heavy wind

  • David Rivero:

    Drop of glue around the tail rotor housing & motor, because it will slide out & dislodge cables if tail crashed but, a vast improvement over its predecessor 911's.

  • David Rivera:

    K123 is my favorite

  • ikri razak:

    very beautiful place… what place it is?

  • Nikko Lampano:

    Please give it to me it's my first time to have one of that.

  • Jean Ribeiro:

    Beautiful video nice cam

  • Darrel Garcia:

    Aswsome man

  • Mind Controler:


  • Jon Bradley:

    Yo that's sick dude!!!

  • Sergej Nadaždin:

    first one or the zippiest,but i would recomend the first or the last one because im not a really good driver of those acrobatic ones.one of these i would want a lot.yeah,i have a giant rc coaxial heli,but no any fast ones.i live in serbia,so here rc helicopters are soo expensive,that i can't affort much.Only the small coaxial ones Sadly ??

  • Aaron Tj:

    hi iam planning to get one of the helis you have shown here . i am a beginner and want a very fast heli and futureproof when i get better. atm i fly quadcopters btw whats the max range for these quads

  • peterjunior1000:

    nice review video! I have never really flown 3d/stunt helis but this looks great!

  • ????? ????????:

    WHO WON ??

  • aidan c.:

    I'd love having any of these heli's!! :)

  • Chad H:

    @rctestflght I just watched your video of flying FPV from the car. I was shocked when I recognized the road. We need to fly together!

  • Ricardo Oliveros:


  • ZEG:

    cool slo mo and how do I win I'm guessing i say i want any of them because it will go great with my channel because i am doing reviews in the spring with my dad

  • Sylvester Scholten:

    Can foreign contestants win too ?

  • mralbtraum99:

    man I really like that v977

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