RC heli landing with fpv camera / Motorway inspection

RC heli landing / rc helicopter with camera / rc fpv / fpv helicopter / rc helicopter camera / Helicopter landing on motorway / Bell 222 / RC Heli FPV Camera: WORLD’S FIRST RC HELI LANDING ON A MOTORWAY (!!!)
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Must see: Spectecular pictures including video views from the onboard camera of the RC heli Bell 222.
RC heli camera is filming a spectecular landing of a Bell 222 on the highway(!!!). (Onboard video camera).
After starting at the aerodrome Fürstenfeld two rc-helicopters are landing (700 class) on the highway in Steinberg. The two helicopters are a Bell 222 and an Agusta A 119 (700 class). More information: www.pb-tv-pro.at .
You can see more videos like this on the YouTube channel PB TV-PRODUKTIONEN. Bell 222 and Agusta A 119.

Wayne brings another uber-expensive RC heli to the field, this time it’s the SAB Goblin 700. Unfortunately, there seems to be some problem getting the Futaba flybarless controller to play well with this heli and Wayne says it’s “not locked in” when flying.

Watch for more video of this heli once he gets it sorted.

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