neXt CGM rc Heli Simulator

The most realistic RC sim I have ever used. Download the free demo and try it for your self:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


5 Responses to “neXt CGM rc Heli Simulator”

  • TheRyanlazar:

    Make it home – Hoodie Allen..

  • Skyler Kramer:

    HOLY SLOOOOWWWWW-MOOOOOOOO! Fuck! LOL your just like me!!! Nice! lol Sick
    edit man. I like it

  • Thomas Wilcox:

    I wouldnt have done it without learning from you! :)

  • Thomas Wilcox:

    Haha thanks man, Yeah I cant really record normal speed because thats when
    I get 8fps. Next time im going to record in-game half speed then speed it
    up by 50% or even 100% (depending on which one looks closer to normal
    speed) in Sony Vegas. <3


    dope edit dawg, just too much slow-mo witch takes the intensity out of the

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