Open Box – CopterX (CX-DPG) Digital Pitch Gauge for Flybarless Helicopter Open Box - CopterX (CX-DPG) Digital Pitch Gauge for Flybarless Helicopter

CopterX (CX-DPG) Digital Pitch Gauge for Flybarless Helicopter

Flybarless RC helicopters make it difficult for pilots to adjust and check the pitch set-up of helicopter main rotor blades. The new digital pitch gauge offers simplicity, high accuracy and ultra fast pitch angle measurement. The digital pitch gauge is powered by two CR2032 button cells and allows blades from 250 to 700mm. The gauge is detachable from the mounting plate and secured via magnets. This a perfect tool for accurate blade and pitch alignment which is essential for flybarless system, measurement is extremely fast and precise.

?Auto-detecting horizontal level
?Uses backlighting LCD monitor
?Zero and Lock function
?Automatic screen rotation
?Suitable for 200 – 800mm main blades
?Build-in energy saving function. Power shuts down after 3 mins without any movement
?Amazingly convenient
?On/Off button allows you to conserve battery life
?Hold button will stop the sensor from updating the angle that it senses. Useful for those who are working in an unstable environment
?Zero button allows you to set “0” at any given position of the sensor. This allows you to see your pitch travel at any interval

?Detectable pitch range: -90° – 90°
?Suitable blade width: 20mm – 74mm
?Detectable pitch range: ±90°
?Measurement resolution: 0.1°
?Battery: CR2032 Lithium X 2
?Weight: 38g (Battery included)
?Dimension: 108*53.9*16mm

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Flybarless Helicopter Pitch Gauge for use w/Smartphone
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8 Responses to “ Open Box – CopterX (CX-DPG) Digital Pitch Gauge for Flybarless Helicopter”

  • Kamari13:

    they only offer a 14 day warranty

  • PHeMoX:

    No offense, the surface that provides the actual pitch should be measured, not the root nor the blade tip.

    Anyhow, I've used my SGS2 (116g) phone to measure blade pitch using an app and while it works fine on a 500 size, this is totally not true for 250 or 450 size helicopters. My phone is far too heavy, despite being lighter than an iPhone.

    In fact, many digital pitch gauges are too heavy also, like the RC Logger digital pitch gauge. These things ideally should be very very lightweight. :)

  • Robert Farmer:

    Ok its not to heavy first you measure pitch at the root of the blades (or as close as you can to avoid the frame from getting in the way) not the tips. it will be solid by the head also those blades go though more stress flying around then putting a few ounces on them and even if you did pitch them 1/4 of the way up the blade it wont throw the pitch off. i can see this being usefull if you have a smart phone instead of droping $50 on a digital gauge witch is needed imo if you fly with FBL heads.

  • pipeman451:


  • John Helm:

    Too heavy!

  • cynical209:

    too heavy for helis, how are you going to adjust blade pitch if the device is pulling down on blades..?????

  • oviroble:

    isn't too heavy?

  • OutbackKanga:

    Usless to me I dont even own a mobile of any sort and never will ….!!!!

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