World’s Smallest RC Helicopter. The Silverlit Nano Falcon.

Here is my review of the Silverlit Nano Falcon.

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8 Responses to “World’s Smallest RC Helicopter. The Silverlit Nano Falcon.”

  • freddiepug wash:

    I got one of this crazy cute little heli. I play all day long with my four cats… They enjoy it.
    Usually I fly an Align 450 Sport and a Raptor 90 but it's so funny For 36 € you get great moments of joy !!. Smash it many times the ceiling and hard fall down.Small but it's solid stuff..?

  • Jacob Buzzard:

    Can u make a vid on how to remove the spring


  • Bear Racoon:

    I love my falcon. I fly it all day long. Its one of my top three fav. Indoors besides the mcx2. You totally caught the sound of the rotors on this vid 🙂 the little police siren :)?

  • Bear Racoon:

    What's the mah rating on the battery?  Also do you know if the battery leads are connected directly to the board without a connector??

  • henrik hagen:

    I got it

  • JackIsMyCopilot:

    I think it will be $40.

  • JackIsMyCopilot:

    I just started filming for that this past weekend. It has been too windy to fly so I tested it out on my Traxxas Stampede.

  • JackIsMyCopilot:

    Thanks Jeff

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