E-flite Blade CP RC Heli Flying

E-flite Blade CP RC Heli Flying

Me flying my Blade CP RC heli around the garden on October 27, 2007.


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  • Andrew Bradford:

    Just got the urge to buy one after never getting one when they were in their hayday…..I bought 2 on ebay for 50 bucks each, one was a pro version with the heatsinks….

    Very good heli's for the now cheaper prices…They don't make these anymore….

    Glad I could finally get some to try!

  • Mike Nichols:

    Just bought one of these today 4 years old boxed never flown just as new

  • SolarReturn:

    Are you flying the Blade CP with ALL stock parts or have you upgraded any parts or optional accessories? Your Blade CP flies great! I bought one when they first came out in '07, I believe but put it away because the stock battery seemed way too heavy for its delicate frame. I jumped it off the ground a few times but NEVER crashed it. Too afraid to chance flying it ever since because of my lack of Heli knowledge and experience. Seeing yours fly so well is very inspirational. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for posting this video! You done a very good job flying your Blade CP! Take care!!!

  • 2007dalin:

    I never was able to get mine flying properly from new.. Think it had a bad gyro or something

  • Michael Powell:

    I built an Aero Lectric fixed wing balsa plane 20 or so years ago, then a motorized sailplane, and a few years later tried flying a Hirobo MH10 heli without much success…the radio kept locking up due to vibration we guessed. The electric helis these days are so much cleaner and quieter and much higher performance. I'm not into 3D flying with the heli but would really like to get a fuselage for my Blade 400 that needs fixing.

  • Michael Powell:

    Thanks, it's been ages since I last flew this heli. I'll dust it of tomorrow and see if it still works :D.

  • spazaraza6:

    Awesome vid and music.

  • Tyler Huck:

    These things just kinda go where they like to

  • Michael Powell:

    @partyboycjg54 More than likely you'll need a few replacement parts especially the main shaft which bends real easily. Apart from that, you could look for other bent pushrods and other linkages. I'm no expert on flying or fixing helicopters. I have a Blade 400 which has been out of commission for months now. I think it needs a new main shaft too!

  • Cooper Graham:

    hi i just got a blade cp from my grandpa because he crashed it. it landed rotor down so i think something may have happened to it. do you think you can tell me what to look for to fix?
    ps i'm a beginner at flying heli's but i know how to fix them well.

  • Michael Powell:

    @JerrysTube Cool, I've had a few small accidents and one bad one with the Blade CP. I was trying to do a loop and forgot to stitch modes for negative pitch. Ended up being a half-loop :(. I haven't tried a loop since with this heli!

  • trackspike64:

    I had one of these and it didnt last long , I guess i just didnt have it trimmed right or i am just a bad copter flyer , good job at least i know they fly and it was me

  • Michael Powell:

    @callofduty1944 Thanks, I haven't flown in ages though. My other heli (Blade 400) is in need of repairs… Perhaps I'll get that fixed so I get some more flights in with a GoPro HD cam attached.

  • Anthony Rudenko:

    @MrJEyooo thanks but i bought a brand new one from a guy for $60 its really cool and amaisingly easy to fly

  • Michael Powell:

    @mpcabling I believe so. No inverted flight for me 😉

  • slammed 89:

    are those flat bottom blades?

  • Anthony Rudenko:

    how much does it cost?

  • RocketBurn11:

    Great flying and nice video, looks like you have the settings dialed in on that heli.

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