Zonda Hobby DTS500 Electric RC 3D Helicopter Unboxing Review

Zonda Hobby DTS 500 is a high performance, hardcore RC Electric 3D Helicopter. DTS 500 comes as RFR, completely built with all electronics and Microbeast Flybarless Helicotper Stabilization System installed. So you do not need to spend time to build it. Just configure your radio and helicopter with Microbeast System and you are good to fly some sweet aerobatics. DTS 500 uses a 6S battery setup and it is capable of handling hardcore 3D aerobatics. I am finally getting back to RC Helicopters with the Zonda Hobby DTS 500. Enjoy the unboxing Video. I will keep you posted with Setup and Flight videos on my channel.

You can get the helicopter here.

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7 Responses to “Zonda Hobby DTS500 Electric RC 3D Helicopter Unboxing Review”

  • cmulder002:

    looks you went back to your ESKY roots 😉

  • Kung Fu Man:

    I love on how often u make videos:) and love ur vids did u quite doing airsofts?

  • Atomicskull:

    The DTS500 is the same thing as the Blade 500X, Esky was the original parts manufacturer for Horizon Hobby. Horizon discontinued it and I guess Esky decided to keep making it under a different name.

  • Jeffrey Myers:

    it's a blade 500x copy

  • Tim Robinson:

    6S batteries … wow I can't wait to see you take this into the sky …. sorry I am a little behind in seeing videos I have been away for a week with no phone signal and no internet …. It wasn't the bliss I hoped it would be … I am very happy to be back home !! …. Great video as always Ali : HHHUUUGGGEEE thumbs up …… I will catch up on videos soon :) Take care and have peace my friend , and to your family :)

  • PeCKY38 RC:

    What flight simulator are you using to practise? Mine seems not working so 'real' when it comes to 3D! Not sure if I missed some setup.

  • TheAarowsmith:

    In the box it has a micro beast ??? Quick run out of your house !!!?

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