World’s Smallest Drone!

CX-10 Mini Drone –

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13 Responses to “World’s Smallest Drone!”

  • C Ives:

    12 year olds cant handle anything?

  • KT S:

    i got the same thing and now it is 10 years old.?

  • Evan Tenney:

    I want one!!?

  • Peter McKenzie:

    I'm 13, guess I won't be able to buy this. Damn?

  • matias chavez:

    "You youngsters might have to wait a little bit" damnit?

  • TheGreatBodeeny !!!:

    I'm 12 and I've got my own dji phantom 2 vision so im good with this thing?

  • Eric Lutes:

    I picked one of those up last weekend. Most awesome toy I've ever bought. It does work outdoors if the wind is mild. Remote works tons better than app-controlled mini-drones.?

  • MeepGaming DK:

    Not anymore?

  • SFTply Productions:

    yay im getting a mini drone for 50 bucks ,its expensive in my country , well actually not the big one costs 200 + but since theres a sale i could get it for 99 bucks but i rather get the mini one just cause its more portable and it does the same exact thing but its just smaller!
    I have to admit, im breaking the age rule im 12. ^.^?

  • tyler ireland:

    What about a ten year old?

  • Ryan rodriguez:

    I got mine for $15 on amazon lol?

  • Marco Cacciatore:

    if you click the left stick and point a direction with the right stick, it flips!!!?

  • JuriePie:

    I just got mine, i love it?

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