World’s (possibly) smallest micro FPV RC helicopter – with video tx

Hi guys.
I’ve claimed the world’s ‘possible’ smallest FPV helicopter because I believe this is the smallest RC helicopter you can do with truly video-downlinkable (not just mounting small recordable camera and recording). But I acknowledge that it is possible there might be smaller than this one already.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main point. I’ve modified the micro coaxial helicopter with video transmitter and camera. I originally made this so I can practice FPV without shaky hands. I works great and I could build confidence in FPV. I thought I could share with you guys so that you can do the same without crashing your expensive flying birds.

I’ve used Blade mcx as the base helicopter and anchored 3g (3gram) camera (you can easily find it by typing ‘3gram camera’ on google etc) in front, and glued the 10mW video transmitter (again, you can google it by typing something like ’10mW video tx’) on the back (I used epoxy and it works great). The video transmitter is soldered to the main power line from mcx main board. It gives about 6mins flight time to be safe side for the lipo battery life. The range is about 7-10m which is just about right to practice inside the house. If you build on mcx like I did, you will have either 1.2ghz or 5.8ghz choice for the video transmitter. There’s video tx choice section on my facebook page ‘Aerial Videography Station’ in Notes section, if you want to read about it.

It’s fairly stable and I haven’t got a problem practicing FPV inside the house (in fact, I can travel every corner of the house with just looking at the monitor) as mcx is coaxial helicopter, but there’s bit of TBE (Toilet Bowl Effect). I haven’t tried but if you really want it to darn-stable, I suppose you can do the same setting as me on the new ‘blade mqx’ as it’s quadcopter based micromulticopter (multicopter is known to be much more stable)

OK that’s about it. If you have any question or want to comment, please feel free either in here or the facebook page. I’ll do my best to help. Thanks for watching :)


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