WLToys V977 RTF – The Perfect CP Trainer Helicopter For Beginners

WLToys V977 RTF – The Perfect CP Trainer Helicopter For Beginners: There are numerous micro size collective pitch (CP) helicopters on the market that you can use to flight train on, but I think I have discovered the perfect one for beginner pilots. Although I’m a diehard Blade fan and did my initial CP training on the Blade Nano CPX (this model is discountinued), by accident I purchased the V977 and believe it is the ideal CP trainer. This is a bold statement to make, I know, but after flight testing both helis I feel confident in the statement and I want to encourage you to take me at my word.

To give credence to what I’ve said there are a couple of great facts that I want you to examine about the V977, and this video will give you all the information you need to make your own judgment. I promise you will come to the same conclusion that the WLtoys V977 RTF is the ideal collective pitch trainer.

RTF = Ready to fly (TX & RX included)
BNF = WLtoys TX not included

Note Update (6-28-2015) : Orders can be placed with the USA warehouse now. There is also a new combo that comes with the RealFlight simulator software which is a great deal!

Review Links:

Red Canopy+Red Blades .66:

Lipo Battery Document: hillpics1@bellsouth.net


15 Responses to “WLToys V977 RTF – The Perfect CP Trainer Helicopter For Beginners”

  • Harry Dale:

    Hi Willie, great video. Does the tail rotor hold well given it's got a brushed motor? Does the tail motor burn out after a few flights? If so is it hard to replace? Thanks

  • Birch Tree:

    Yeah. Chinese manuals with English translations are absolutely terrible. And this is coming from a Chinese guy.

  • Serres Snake Hunter of GREECE:

    Hello, I want to ask you a question I want to buy the Helicopter V 977 Because I bought in V 950 and did not throw away or 8 minutes did not obey the commands of the remote control now I want to know that he is going through the customs I do not know how much it will cost to come to GREECE ? can you tell me something about it? you paid for customs duty there in the USA for this ??? Thanks bro greetings from GREECE !!!

  • ???? ?????:

    Hi I have a question – what's better, WLtoys V977 or XK K110

  • somerandomkid 42:

    How much does It cost

  • Master Squider:

    I wonder if this helicopter will work/bind with/to an XK controller?

  • Jimmy V:

    Awesome vid. You’re the reason for my purchase. The new Nano remains on the shelf until I feel confident w/ the 977 BUT -> “The manual is a little hard to comprehend” ?? That’s the understatement of the year! Where can I find decent instructions? Thanks Willie

  • Swaglife 81:

    Is this still a prime option for beginner indoor CP? Or in the last few years better technology has been released?

  • Particle Man:

    how about durability? i have seen the blade nano take a beating, and i have not done 3d yet except on the phoenix sim, so i want something that can handle crashes

  • Chasingwaves:

    The Wk birds are nice ! My buddy has one that he uses in the winter for indoors and the think flys better then my Blade helis do lol .. i was so bummed out , blade micros suck ! .

  • ZasRi Tube:

    HEY I WANT BUY SPARE PARTS MAIN ONLY! But its must using dollar?

  • amartolosgr:

    i would buy it if i could bind it with my flysky i10 transmitter

  • MC5:

    ?? ??????? ???

  • Wora N:

    Nice Heli

  • Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast:

    Being a novice myself I was struggling with for beginners in the title I do a lot of 3 and 4 channel and am getting better. And was beginning to leap into a walkera When I remembered this video I came back to it. I see the connection now It is the PERFECT Priced CP helicopter for those "BEGINNING" with 6 channel Cp Heli. Sorry we get Mentally blinded by opinion we fail to see. Stepping into CP Helicopters I see where this is a great trainer for beginners. Plus like all of the WL Line it is a durable little heli. Great Video

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