WLtoys V959 2.4G 4-Axis 4CH RC Quadcopter With Camera

A great little machine to start out on and you get a free camera too from here: http://tinyurl.com/d87tuxo Aerial Filming The V959 Quadcopter with built in c…


9 Responses to “WLtoys V959 2.4G 4-Axis 4CH RC Quadcopter With Camera”

  • Zim Zam:

    does the remote show the camera flight please reply

  • wikkebe:

    I’m having trouble with the battery though, only charged it twice so far
    and it seems it’s out of juice after less than 3-4 mins (even though it’s
    fully charged). Am I doing something wrong?

  • wikkebe:

    Bottom right button is for taking snapshots (only works when you’re NOT
    filming) and the top left button (on the very top of the controller) is to
    start video recording. If you’re not recording the LED on the camera stays
    green, when recording it turns red.

  • Senad Meškin:

    I have bought one, and how do I start video recording and how image cap. I
    was not able to do that, I mean I don’t know I somehow captured image but
    don’t know how.

  • bobothecreepyclown:

    The V222 is identical to the V959 except it’s 6 axis (it has accelerometers
    installed) & is far more stable. The camera is the same, it records to
    micro a micro SD card. It’s not an FPV system.

  • hellcatdave1:

    Is the camera live feed? Does the remote have a screen?

  • neotecdigitaluk:

    and you can start, stop record and take a snap shot from the transmitter.
    Also you can turn the lights on and off from the transmitter and change to
    speed of the craft depending on how experienced you are.

  • fsx landing:

    does it fly high

  • GW Studios:

    Brilliant I’m thinking of getting one. Is the camera any good?

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