WLToys V950 Flybarless 6G RC Electric 3D Helicopter Review

WLToys V950 Explorer Series RC Electric 3D Flybarless helicopter is a 450 Size standard helicopter. If you have developed good 3D RC helicopter Skills and want to move on to bigger helicopters from Micro 3D helicopters, WLToys V950 will make a neat choice. It is cheap, its Ready to fly right outside the box and ready to do basic and advanced mild 3D Aerobatics. Equipped with Brushless motor, this helicopter has plenty of head speed for you to try various 3D aerobatics. Motor driving geared Tail rotor does a good job for a solid tail hold if you are not doing some crazy punches. 6 Axis Gyro System makes it very stable helicopter and does not allow any aerobatics even in idle up mode for beginners to learn to fly and or for you to just enjoy scaled flights in sports type of mode. All In all I will give it a good rating, despite of El cheapo quality radio it comes with. Rest does what its advertised to do. Enjoy the indoor unboxing video.

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12 Responses to “WLToys V950 Flybarless 6G RC Electric 3D Helicopter Review”

  • RCFun:

    So what's a good 3d mini…? I never flown helicopter 3d before but want to give it a go… I flown a Fixed Pitch and a COAX before…please advise, and thanks in advance.?

  • waddac2:

    Looks okay, but lets see buddy? Looking forward to next vid…..?

  • Kanari Mentos:

    ali hi let me tell all you say is correct but the size is 200 this heli i havet it the wors heli in market all servos goes bad fast mean gear break from small crash canopy break in 3 meter high crash respond very slow and its heavy to deal with plastic the cheapest on market i tested very well ..i am changing all servos to metal but i am not recomant to any one thank you?

  • Scott Hildenbrand:

    Nice overview of the Master CP…errr… V950. Looking forward to hearing how it breaks. First time I gently tipped my Master CP, it blew two servos and cracked the swash.?

  • Azyune:

    That tail motor cage design suggest it is a Walkera Master CP copy, and should be a 200 class. As Walkera spare parts getting scarce nowadays, maybe this be a better keeper plus wltoys parts usually cheaper too.?

  • Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne):

    looks real familiar. looked like the old school walkera master cp?

  • Talal Tahir:

    please give me quadcopter in the contest plz plz plz?

  • Present, the Jack Russell:

    Scaled up V933! if the tail has dual brushless + collective pitch it will be sweet.?

  • Ashish Amatya:

    i guess its actually 200 sized? u said 450. correct me. Also it look like the larger version of wltoys V977 heli?

  • Jermaine:

    Happy new year Ali?

  • Archishman adhikari:

    happy new year ali.after all who wins yous contest??

  • RD Simmers:

    Happy New Year, Mr. ASM !! looking forward to see your flight vids and your (maybe rusty, lol) 3d skillz?

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