Waterproof Drone Aviax H2O Waterproof RC Quadcopter

Aviax H20 is a very light weight, and waterproof mini Electric RC Quadcopter. Now you can fly it worry free over water and even land in water and have some water play with your quadcopter splashing water around and driving in water.

Aviax H20 has a unique Flight controller that not only offers a superb quality flight performance both indoors and outdoors but also can record last 40 seconds of your flight. Users can press Cruise control button and quadcopter will repeat itself the last 40 seconds of your flight that the flight controller has recorded. Though upon my testing this feature gave me totally funny results so I won’t recommend using it or counting on it lol.

Overall its an impressive quadcopter, that delivers superb flight performance, offers flips and headless mode flights and totally fun to land in water, splash and play in water and fly worry free over water.

You can order this quadcopter here

product: https://goo.gl/KX1xaG

rcgroups: http://goo.gl/iQdIiv

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