Walkera 4G1B 2.4GHZ RC Helicopter Flight Test!

This is the type of helicopter that is ideal for studying or just a comforting day out experiencing some treatment free of charge circuit flying! Brand name new two.4GHZ 4G1B from Walkera! Fantastic functionality! Arrive check it out at www.bananahobby.com!


17 Responses to “Walkera 4G1B 2.4GHZ RC Helicopter Flight Test!”

  • homer15318:

    can anyone tell me why my 4g1b keeps going to the left after trimming

  • tommyrambo96:

    can the battery be used on a rapid charger ?

  • fumochicles10:

    his name is walkera hm 4g1 or 4g1b¿?¿?

  • fumochicles10:

    hey good video, mm i want to buy one heli, wich is better, this or walkera 5#10??


  • ChappersSP:

    Great flying King Heli pilot Pete! Would fixed pitch be the next step up from coaxial?

  • Live2Fly94:

    No. Usually not.

  • JSE4444:

    Just got my 4G1B. Can’t wait to fly. You make it look easy. Can this transmitter be used with any other helis or planes?


  • bananahobby:

    When you charge this lipo, the battery will never get warm during the charge process. If it does, please remove it from the charger right away and contact us. Charge time should take no more than 2 hours on the provided charger.

  • DaOnKyOnE:

    hey man, i just got this one ! =) planning on buying the 4#3b brushless soon =) on question tho ! how long does it take to charge the battery aproximately? i mean ! is there any sign besides the battery getting hot at the time of charging? take it easy man ! peace!

  • bananahobby:

    We will in the near future!

  • LilNick081:

    will you guys be carrying spare parts for the 4G1B?

  • bananahobby:

    Not much trimming. This is pretty much flight ready out of the box.

  • LilNick081:

    Thanks.. Any Fine tuning tips I should keep in mind also, as far as trim?

  • bananahobby:

    Have plenty of space where you will be flying. Grass will be the best surface. It will absorb any harder than desired landings. Remember to turn on your transmitter first. While the Walkera light is still flashing, plug in the helicopter and let it sit on the ground for at least 5 seconds before you fly. That will properly initialize the gyro. Other than that, don’t be nervous. Just have FUN!

  • LilNick081:

    I just recieved my 4G1B helicopter today & being a beginner in Helicopters, I’m kinda nervous. Do you have any preflight tips or suggestions??? please reply..

  • bananahobby:

    This will not be able to carry much weight at all. The entire helicopter is VERY light. The lipo is a 3.7V 1000mah.

  • bananahobby:

    Flight time is about 10 minutes give or take. Depending on how much you are on the throttle. Thanks!

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