Turbine Trex RC Helicopter Flight Video

Turbine Trex RC Helicopter Flight Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pyYEvg-n58

Like a lot of my subscribers and viewers, I have been thinking of creating and flying a Radio Controlled turbine helicopter for some time now. Ever since I saw them fly several years ago, it has been prominent on my mind.

Realistically the actual flying had less to do with it. After all, an electric or nitro heli “flys” the same way. It was the awesome smell and sound of jet fuel. Seeing the plumes of heat blowing out the exhaust stacks is pretty cool, and with those three elements stimulating your senses, it really hits home that, if you’re not flying the real thing such as a Bell 206 Jet Ranger for instance, this is as close to the real deal as most RC pilots will get. And I can tell when you’re flying the 206/MD500 (or any turbine helicopter), you can’t actually see what’s happening from inside the cockpit, so maybe this is better in that regard.

As with all gas turbine engines, there is just something extraordinary about that high pitched whine and whistle, in addition to the sweet smell of burning jet fuel that is more intoxicating than 30 year old scotch. Special thanks to scheku68.

When it comes to RC helis, gas turbine powered helis are definitely the “top-of-the-line” when it comes to this sport. And what a thrill it is!

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