– Three Mods to a Syma S107C – Indoor – Beginner Heli

A brief explanation of three mods you can do to a Syma S107 – Micro Helicopter – 3 Channel – Infrared Transmitter – For Indoor Use only. I show the tail rotor mod, where you turn the rotor blads 180 degrees from above the tail shaft, to under it. This give this heli a lot more speed! I also show a battery upgrade mod, where I take the battery wire from a Traxxas QR-1 QuadCopter circuit board, and attach it to the S107 so that you can use the 3.7volt – 240mah batteries that come with the QR-1. The battery that comes with the Syma is only 150mah and flight time is 5-6 minutes. The upgraded batteries give you just over ten minutes of fly time each, and you can switch to a new battery in less than a minute. The third mod I show is how to easily remove and replace the canopy of the copter using Velcro in three places. As soon as I get a brand new S107 for personal use, I will make another video that shows you exactly how to do these three mods. Stay Tuned!…

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