The Scale Master – AH-1 Super Cobra RC

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19 Responses to “The Scale Master – AH-1 Super Cobra RC”

  • Chris Hurgo:

    Whoa! Nice job

    It’s amazing you were able to fit the figures in there too

  • Ernesto Antonio Mendoza Guerra:

    i am only interested if it comes with chuck norris action figure and shoot stuff πŸ˜›

  • lamborghini0947:

    @nyturtle At the expo did you see the f-16 that also won?

  • Joshua Baudoin:

    @nyturtle lets just say the pilot felt like sitting in the front this time

  • Supercars connect:

    @BiggRob1221 actually the black dude is the pilot and the front seat dude is the gunner. In helos, the pilot sits in the aft seat.


  • Joshua Baudoin:

    @jamondoeco to bad the black dude is the navigator not the pilot dumbass

  • Benjamin:

    you shouldve totally made the machine gun operational on that thing.

  • JaleelJohanson62:

    You are one talented guy! Do you do work for movie special effects people? If not, I'd consider pursuing it.

  • MassDynamic:

    it says 'has capability to fire rockets" , what kind of rockets are we talkin 'bout here?

  • Gir:

    I'm really trying to get into the hobby and I wanted two know two things, if you don't mind me asking…: what scale is this model and who is the manufacturer of the fuselage and the manufacturer of the heli itself?

  • WTFCharles:

    You are god.

  • Ruben John:

    @forourspam – the end stuff is Cheb Khalid. – Burra Burra…you can also hear it in Black Hawk Down

  • gtamodman122:

    just one slight correction this looks more like a cobra or a whiskey cobra to me the super cobra and the viper are the only models with 4 rotor blades this one has 2 i could be wrong im not sure but still great helicopter

  • skipflippy:

    @forourspam its the Black Hawk Down soundtrack

  • Toby Myers:

    u must make alota money

  • 12ock:

    why do sale this man…. if i where u keep it for remembrance!!!… its ur trophy

  • Supercars connect:

    @jamondoeco I don't really understand your point really. But it's boarder line racial. So keep those dumb comments to yourself.


  • Jay Taylor:

    a black pilot …. i never thought id see the day look in ne film theres never a black pilot


    Do u sell rc helis?

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