Tail Rotor Basics Part 1

If you’re having tail rotor problems, start here. I’m just getting over a cold, so my voice sounds a little funny.


11 Responses to “Tail Rotor Basics Part 1”

  • David Turner:

    The voice put me off

  • The Heli Heathen:

    I always forget the gyro compensation but now i know nose left tail slider left. no more Pyro spool ups for me.

  • Uttam Shekhawat:

    Your voice sounds funny.

  • Sanetheya Kendrich:

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  • Dan Singerline:

    high grade video it helped me out a lot because my tail blade was spinning in the opposite direction turns out it was nothing to do with the radio settings it had to do with the way the helicopter came out of the box on the ESC board the wires were in reverse black was to read and read was too black causing the blades to spin the wrong way causing the helicopter to crash and spin around in circles on the ground this was on my 300 cfx RC helicopter by Horizon Hobby I'm not sure if I believe they quality flew this helicopter because there's no way it would have flown

  • FredoSk:

    Stay off the helium…

  • halleffect1:

    i just noticed my Century Swift pushes the linkage rod instead of pulling on right rudder.

  • Atomicskull:

    On Henseleits the tail rotor spins the other way and some RJX helicopters have the tail on the left side and push for right rudder rather than pull.

  • Linh Nguyen:

    Thank you so much dr.Ron. Very clear explainatory. It helps me soo much that now all of my helis fly like the way they should.
    You are 1 of the few that can reallyy teach others =))..
    I've watched ton of other videos on how to fix my heli tail spin & setup but they all suck.
    Thanks again =). Subscribed.

  • Cory Coyle:

    I noticed no covering of Translating tendency. That is a good thing to go over since many people don't understand why helicopters don't hover perfectly level.

  • Micheal Double:

    Thank you, a bit fast for me but very concise.

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