Syma S39 Raptor RC Helicopter "Flight Test"

The ” Syma S39 Raptor RC Helicopter gets 2 Thumbs UP!!! ” and is Great beginners RC Helicopter. This little Helicopter is a very user friendly Heli for beginners, kids and adults. I have had so much fun flying this little Heli….. as you will see in the video I posted with this review. I flew it during the day and did a night flight. The Syma S39 raptor is very durable and can take impacts very well. I was quite impressed with the quality and resilience of this little helicopter. This is only the 2nd RC Helicopter that I’ve ever owned. The Raptor is very simple to operate and fly. I wish that I had started out with this little heli 1st because of its simplicity. The Syma S39 comes with a 2.4 Ghz. & two selectable Frequencies. it has 3.5 Channels with a Gyro stabilizer. The Syma S39 Raptor comes with a remote controller and instruction manual, usb charging cable, screwdriver, an extra rear rotor blade and “2” batteries for ““Extra……… FUN!!!!”
I have to give the Syma S39 Raptor RC Helicopter “4 Stars” because of it’s simplicity & durability, and its a Great Beginners RC Helicopter.

For more info & to purchase this RC Helicopter click on the link below.

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7 Responses to “Syma S39 Raptor RC Helicopter "Flight Test"”

  • Gley Sama:

    It says on the specifications that it can fly over 100meters distance, is that true

  • Pizza_Roller:

    After some time flying, do the lights start flashing indicating needed to charge?

  • Mike LeBlanc:

    Great video! I just got mine today. One question on start-up. The instructions say to turn on the controller, then turn on the helo. The controller button will flash for 1-2 seconds and then go solid once it pairs with the helo, then push the left toggle up and then down. Mine just continues to flash until I toggle the switch. It looks like that's what you do.

  • Chief Drone:

    That is the case with the transmitter that I received it does not make a beep sound when pushing the buttons.

  • Rizki Irfansyah:

    Is that true this new transmitter doesn't have beeping sound ? Like if you press button speed, trimmer and binding.

  • Chief Drone:

    It’s simple & very easy to operate & is a great beginners RC Heli.

  • Darryl Troxell:

    That’s a sharp little heli

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