RealFlight 7.5 RC Flight Simulator

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  • Gary Vale:

    Does anybody have a recommendation for for what model heli to learn with on 7.5?…I don't particularly care for the model with the training sticks on the landing skids or the EZ flyer with 2 main rotor blades…I m looking for a stable model to learn to hover with….thanks

  • riverstrat:

    The main runway you're showing here looks like a kid's toy compared
    toe Realflight Basic,  is this what we can expect of the other runways ?
    The problem with the realflight basic for me though, is that  while the runways are very
    nice looking, it's hard to judge the perspective when coming in off a bank ,
    for a landing, is this improved in 7.5?
    Last question, I'm told 'X' added a lot of features, but didn't improve user
    perspective / graphics over 7.5, is that the case ?
    I need software that mostly does a nice job for the ground tx to plane perspective,
     I do like the pilots view, too, I just can't use that as much for learning to
    fly from the ground.

  • Gene McLoud:

    Great overview. I like the no nonsense approach. Thanks!

  • Gary Vale:

    nice video sir…I have one on order and hope to get some practice in before I go to a real RC model flying field….

  • hobby:

    great review, i'm going to order the version with the usb tx

  • Basic Survival:

    can i use it on keyboard ???

  • martyapo:

    "real flight seven and a half" Really? Who calls it seven and a half?

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