RC Turbine Powered CH-53A Helicopter Flight & Crash

A beautiful RC turbine powered CH-53A flight and tragic crash at Chino Valley, AZ on Oct.15, 2015.
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7 Responses to “RC Turbine Powered CH-53A Helicopter Flight & Crash”

  • mgpBLARG:

    when they get to this size it almost seems like it's better to buy the real thing?

  • nipponhouseplayer:


  • Drone Girl:

    Ohh love it, well sorry about the crash! Hope you were able to put it back together! :) Thumbs up and Greetings from Ireland! :)?

  • Roy Hobbs:

    wow, i was enjoying this video so much, i forgot the title said 'flight & crash', i freaked out when it went down. Good thing it's all repaired again?

  • Tony Accurso:

    The good news: Jim's CH-53A has been rebuilt and is on display at AMA Expo 2016 this weekend. He has already done a ground run and plans to fly it in a few weeks. A swash plate link failed and now all have been replaced with titanium links. It looks amazing!?

  • Yakav8r55m:

    @ 3:58 you see the engine heat exhaust plume against the mountain backdrop…very realistic. And when parts fail on a helicopter…also…very realistic unfortunately.?

  • disgruntldtoad:

    Engage servo reversing in 3, 2, 1, and GO!?

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