RC Helicopter w/ Camera

A comprehensive test of a prototype remote controlled helicopter with a wireless camera system mounted to it.
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19 Responses to “RC Helicopter w/ Camera”

  • Paul Chadbourne:

    they need this with infrared heat detecting for search and rescue in wooded areas mountains etc.. etc..

  • Porganised:

    To the people who imagine this concept to be about making arrests, or 'warning' offenders the police are en route/present… I think you've missed the point. The idea behind this appears to be for situation assessment before sending ground personnel in. Personally, if I were on the scene and unsure of what I was about to walk into, a strategic aerial observation allows you to plan (ie. Spot the guy on the roof with a rifle waiting to pick off cops as they come towards the building etc.).

  • David Tuerk:

    mount a pistol on that and your in buisness

  • tokenride04:

    what kind of camera is this and whats the wireless range capability?

  • Raptor302:

    Looks cool, but every project is restrained by its practicality and budget. It would be kinda hard to justify spending $1500 on something you use maybe once a year and has limited speed and range.

  • JustJesse:

    @voidpulp cool 😉

  • TheAcclamator:

    @voidpulp dude, I soooo want one now

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    @elitehero36 – Yes…everyone involved in the project were cops.

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    @TheAcclamator – Yes…the camera moved on its own axis. Zoomed in and out by remote as well.

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    @Dmac11a666 – Yes…I suppose they could throw a rock at it or even shoot it. Its better than getting an officer hurt, though…and a lot cheaper.

  • TheAcclamator:

    does the cam move on its own axis????

  • JustJesse:

    good vid. were those guys cops filming u.

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    For the $2000 price, the helicopter had to be in the view of the person flying it. They had to be able to keep it level…by watching it. It would have cost more, but we were going to add some auto-leveling equipment to it, so that we could possibly fly it out of the sight of the RC pilot. At that point, distance becomes a matter of the radio signal and the radio sending the video down. I was not really the tech-guy for the project. I was the person seeking support for the project.

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    It was electric, and had a 20 minute flight time. And yes…the helicopter could be brought down by a suspect. But we planned on using it for situations where you would rather have a $2000 RC helicopter shot down, than having a manned full-sized helicopter shot down. $2000 doesn't seem disposable, but for a police-department…$2000 isn't that much if it helps in a crisis situation.

    Regardless, the project was cancelled…so its all rather academic at this point. :-)

  • Mark Ludwig Stinson:

    I'm guessing you want Blue Thunder, or Airwolf, and some sort of "stealth" mode or something. I think that would cost extra.


  • Tom Fix:

    2 x 180 carbon brush motors as main drive & N25 motor as tail drive. is that powerful enof for a 20gram camra and a 9volt fo the camra?

  • DavidSandeep Robert:

    what is the RC chopper make? can we mount sony HRD S7 ? whats the website..

  • viccourage:

    What about thermal imaging,hyperspectral imaging ihope these are going to be considered
    if you want to be competitive. What about autonomy are these things your working on
    resoloution on the camera need to be better at high altuitudes, vibration on the cam need to be reduced once these issues are tackled i believe you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Restarea11019V:

    what does the Helicopters look like with the camera? and is the cmera water resistant?

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