RC Helicopter … (PS1) 60fps

RC Helicopter ... (PS1) 60fps

RC Helicopter gameplay for the Playstation 1

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3 Responses to “RC Helicopter … (PS1) 60fps”

  • Benjamin Hawkins:

    This brings back so many memories.

  • ToaKoran:

    Man, I remember this game… I still have no idea where I put the disk to this day. And my feelings about the music in this game remain the same, I love it. I'm shocked that no one has put up the extracted music files up from this game, but at the same time I'm kind of not surprised since the game is obscure as hell. Still, it's good to see this game still gets played by some people these days, even if the missions become an unforgiving bitch further on.

  • Business Toast:

    Holy hell I had this game.

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