RC Helicopter Ecureuil Helicoptere RC

Introducing the Century Real Deal AS350 Ecureuil A-Star 600 size R/C Helicopter Kits. Our Real Deal models offer you the remote control version of actual real world helicopters found and flown around the world. These R/C helicopter kits are as close as you can in flying the remote control version of the real thing with the least amount of effort involved. Compare these kits with the real thing and you will see how similar they are to the real ones.


Fuselage/body is beautifully painted in super lightweight bright colors and has a mirror quality finish with a clear fuel-proof coat to add incredible brilliance and shine.
Intricate details such us the prop wiper blades, antennae, door handles, boom bars, exhaust port, light ports, side steps all add realism to this helicopter.
The verstatility of the 600 scale mechanics allows you to setup this up as either a nitro or electric scale R/C helicopter.
The 3-blade rotorhead comes standard on this scale R/C helicopter.
With several options available, you could build one in no time and saving you a great deal of money at the same time.
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