rc 450 heli with LED lights

rc 450 heli with LED lights

OK i hope y like my 450 with these LED lights on…
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Flite Test – FLITE TIP
Installing LEDs
A Hobby King sponsored segment.

Want to fly your RC plane at night? Can’t see where your going when its dusk? Learn how we wired our RC plane for night flying!
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10 Responses to “rc 450 heli with LED lights”

  • jc diago:

    Will the current running the lights and all the wires not interfere with the rx to tx signal?

  • Grackle FPV:


  • Eli:


  • JC Quads:

    no rcgroups link?

  • Elexo Flyer:

    So my plane has an extra wire coming from the electronics to power fpv. I was wondering, can I use this to power LEDs? Thanks!

  • Rencey Caparas:

    what kind of wire did you use to connect led

  • redeye jedi:

    Would be a great vid if the twerp in the Bennie woul take the stupid tard topper off an be quiet. He added nothing. Made me want to stop watching

  • John F Hendry:

    I think I'll do a video on how to use lights properly…. there a trick to doing it right.

  • Pilotguy757 Max:

    I have question where would you be able to find these LED lights. Can you please reply thanks and great video man.

  • integraBuff:

    Do you already have video on how to set up the lighting to be turned on and off with a tx switch like you have in the night flying video? If so I can't find it. Thanks.

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