Raw Performance: Heli-Max® Novus™ 200 FP EP 2.4GHz RTF

The Novus 200 FP is the largest Novus heli yet, with a fixed-pitch design for first-class control. Its 45° offset flybar set-up results in control that is far more responsive and stable than a coaxial design. Even beginners can fly the Novus 200 FP with success! A 2.4GHz 4-channel computer radio system with dual rates allows pilots to start off slow and step up to their full flight potential. The included 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo battery provides plenty of power. Other extras, like an anodized aluminum rotor head, a printed canopy and pivoting main blades, add lasting looks and durability.

Learn more about the Heli-Max Novus 200 FP EP 2.4GHz RTF by visiting its product page at: http://www.helimax-rc.com/helis/novus/hmxe0809/index.html

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Rotor Diameter: 15.3 in (390 mm)
RTF Weight: 5.8 oz (165 g)
Length: 16.5 in (420 mm)
Requires: 8 “AA” batteries

Spotlight: Heli-Max RC Axe CP-L Mini Helicopter RTF

http://www.helimax-rc.com The compact, ready-to-fly Axe CP is already acclaimed for being complete, loaded with quality components and capable of inverted flight right out of the box. Now comes the Axe CP-L, powered by a high-performance Lithium-Polymer battery. The result is longer flight times and more 3D aerobatic potential than ever before. It’s R/C’s #1 micro heli, enhanced with the #1 electric upgrade!


9 Responses to “Raw Performance: Heli-Max® Novus™ 200 FP EP 2.4GHz RTF”

  • Brad Davis:

    How high is it able to fly up to??

  • gunjan2210:

    is the a good starter heli, or should i get the novus fp??? thanks!?

  • John Custody:

    this HELI is like a hell one dude!!?

  • robbiehatfield100:

    I felt the same way with mine in the beginning. After a lot more sim time I got the hang of it. It flies great, but it's definitely no beginner's heli. Check out my video on my channel to see me flying mine.?

  • jesserockin88:


  • Tony Mann:

    i purchased this copter from tower hobbies. the blade tapped the ground. didnt hurt the wood blade so i got the bell hiller upgrade kit… 1 MONTH LATER the parts arrived. this caused the main plate to break. aafter spending another 45 bux on top of 35 bux to get upgrade, i got the part. put together and caused other breaks. im a 40 year old man that has been flying rc helicpters for 20 years. so trust me, i know how to fix it properly. i have had it 2 months now and still cant fly it.?

  • 620sly:

    i saw this heli for !40 dollars where can u get spare parts the guy said they dont carry them?

  • raptorddd:

    i love the axe the only downside of it its the price for the spare parts and tail motor are expensive than other micros.?

  • 620sly:


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