R.C. Helicopter crash! (radio control chopper model)

Wypadek zdalnie sterowanego modelu ?mig?owca!

Apparently this is the go-to heli for Bobby when he is chillin on the couch. More inventory is coming in soon! http://www.xheli.com/28h-h911-irocket.html Che…


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  • HeliNomadic:

    Just stopped by to say thank you very much for clearly stating in your title that? it was an RC helicopter. I hope you have a new one by now. Let the fun continue!

  • Craig Hancock:

    You could tell something bad was gonna happen, he started off bad?

  • Lucas Kaluza:

    ladnie? jebnal ;D

  • DarkZenonia:

    haha someone? controling your chaper

  • flightoftheunknown:


  • Bonus RPK:

    naprawde szkoda modelu jeszcze spaliniak aj? :(?

  • 777chegebara:


  • ziom20full2:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. wielka? szkoda

  • eptita:

    A dla mnie to ch?opak? nie podo?a? pilota?owi, to by? jeden z ?atwiejszych i podstawowych manewrów, troszk? mi ?le silnik pracuje w High torques, ale takie manewry to jest podstawa. Pan ten przemykaj?cy w czarnej czapeczce to pewnie ojciec, a filmuje kto? z bliskiej rodziny dla synka na NK.

  • lolmanittakesguts:

    wtf what laguge is? this

  • SC MC:

    – 1500 – 1800?

  • SC MC:

    – Jako pilot RC od 2 lat ….z tego co widzia?em nie wygl?da?o to na awari? ?yroskopu ani stabilizatora. To POGODA Z SERI “NIE LATA?” …Panowie! Mi i ojcu sta?o si? to samo …zawieje wiatr od boku góry lub spodu, (W TYM WYPADKU ZAWIA? OD SPODU) obróci ogon, ?mig?owiec traci wtedy si?? no?n? lub wyrywa w kosmos, za s?aba elektronika jak stabilizatory zg?upiej? a my si? “spompujemy” i tracimy poczucie tego co si?? dzieje…brak kontroli i dowidzenia. Wspó?czuj?.

  • woo62909:

    I’ll never understand why people with camcorders never get the best shots, give the damn thing to someone else? if you’re not gonna stay on it!

  • Raymond de kort:

    i realy do like RC helicopters but? i dont like the price tag

  • xhelicopter:

    We? have flown the helicopter outside with a slight breeze and it was doing fine but we did have to fight the wind.

  • theunboxernators:

    Can this? helicopter fly outside aswell?

  • xhelicopter:

    It’ll take? about an hour to fully charge the battery.

  • RAY L:

    That’s a pretty awesome lil ole bird there! How long does it take to fully charge the battery? I had to laugh at your “auto? correct” feature! That was cool! What’s the cost of that lil crittier?

  • Cayden Wolford:

    Mydogs always try to attack my helis?

  • jeppe werring:

    I have this heli?

  • Zugmunt:

    So far so good, I would recommend it but I have? nothing to compare it to. If you get extra batteries don’t get the “upgraded” ones, they go out fast. Stock replacement are best for me so far. Hope this helps and happy flying!

  • telj1:

    How do you like it so far? ? I’m thinking about picking that up.

  • Junkboy888:

    I think they are on sale for the 4th july? week for 44.95

  • Seathmeter:

    ordered it with a? larger 200mah battery

  • jake castle:

    hey xhelicopter? i was thinking to buy a RC helicoter but i dont know how to fly it

  • hector mclachlan:

    how much does it cost?

  • Ray Galarza:

    I? am getting mine!

  • Allan Turner:

    The? v911 does have mode2 for faster response

  • Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski:

    Tx LZ ! will? try and will send you comment !

  • LigerZero1985:

    have the heli fly about two feet off the ground.
    if the heli is leaning toward to left, press the adjustment button? to right to counteract the movement, vice verse. and same to the forward-backward movement.

    hope this helps

  • Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski:

    how you tune it ? Can you? explain,please ? Tx !

  • Ivan Velasko:

    This is truly a great micro Heli… It was my second 4ch FP Heli and It survived hundreds of crashes and? still it flys smoothly… It has a gyro and can even fly outdoors on a slight breeze. Unlike the Xiedas this one has real servos to move the swash plate.

  • Jimmy Louis:

    Does it have? a gyro?

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