Protocol Predator SB RC Helicopter from BEST BUY

This thing is super easy to fly. Great for a beginner that wants to get into RC Helicopter. It’s not “FULL RANGE” in that it doesn’t have side to side “Slip” capabilities. However, it has forward, back, and yaw. Lots of fun, and very tough! I’ve crashed it 5-6 times now, and it’s perfectly fine.

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12 Responses to “Protocol Predator SB RC Helicopter from BEST BUY”

  • Joel V:

    what aftermarket batteries would fit in the cradle??

  • Johnny Jasper:

    Sorry, I meant the RIGHT toggle switch, not the throttle one (left).?

  • Yosi Perez:

    can you mount a go pro to it, that's my future project for it I just bought it two weeks ago I am upgrading rotors and wings with more power in order to pick up my go pro!!?

  • Anthony Abelardo:

    What's side to side "Slip" capabilities mean??

  • SoChiCity4:

    im having problems trimming it can u help?

  • xdodobrownx:

    Nice. I'm going to get that one. I have the tiger jet but I want one that flys outdoor. ?

  • Tanner Bunch:

    Something must be wrong with mine… brand new but every time i push the throttle, even a little, it just flings itself in the same direction. What am I doing wrong??

  • RetroGamerVX:

    Bought one today as my second helecopter after I've been flying an indoor small one for 8 months, best video I've seen of it :o)?

  • RetroGamerVX:

    why do americans have to say 'Super' all the time atm lol?

  • Shrek Turtle:

    How long is It in inches? I really need to know?

  • Ben Pyka:

    So let me get this straight u can actually remove the lipo battery when it gets low and replace it with another one? The battery is not built in u can remove it???

  • Jorge Ramirez:

    Haha just bought mines and I just crashed it into a light broke the light, helicopter is fine. I upgraded to this because it said it was outdoor as well as indoor. Bought a $40 AirHog from Toys R Us and it was good inside but outside could fly it. How long is the battery life? Opened it out of box connected it and played outside for 10 min if that and it wouldn't go up anymore. Similar issue with the Air Hog. Any tips??

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