Outrage Velocity 50 N2 – 3D Heli

Harv “kind of” babied his new Outrage through the break in phase and now that he’s put a jug of fuel through it, it’s time to open it up a bit. I’m not sure …

Outrage Fusion 50 – 625 SAB Blades – MicroBeast FBL System – 12S 3300mAh Hyperion LiPo Batteries. This is Mark’s helicopter from www.heli-heli.com ! Filmed w…
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23 Responses to “Outrage Velocity 50 N2 – 3D Heli”

  • FSXaddonsimspecial:

    Very nice Helicopter..

  • rgthd007:

    Thank you Horst! I agree that a spastic 3D heli is a challenge to video.
    While it is possible to anticipate the flight of a plane, such is not the
    case with a freestyle 3D heli flight. They almost defy the law of physics
    with their ability to instantly change direction. I am slowly sneaking up
    on the sweet spot that allows you to see what’s going on but doesn’t let
    the heli escape the viewfinder. Looks like I’ll need much more practice! :-)

  • 3FLYTE:

    Harvey is a gifted one, isn’t he? Betcha he can fly a plate of burgers,
    fries and a coke.

  • rgthd007:

    Thank you so much for commenting! Greetings from Canada!!!


    Hey Bob great vid..I have no idea how people fly these things..always
    amazed at how people can fly these things. Loved it

  • Oldgeefus:

    See, Bob, having ‘herded’ some of Harv’s fixed-wing cats, you’re much
    better prepared to keep up with this wildly gyrating feline specimen. And
    of course you’re a great videographer in your own right. Nothing to it,
    when you video Harv a lot… Great job as usual!

  • rgthd007:

    Thank you (I think, lol). I don’t speak German unfortunately and the best I
    could make out of your comment is “What did you eat” lol. I suppose it must
    be the context….. Thanks very much for watching and taking the time ot

  • TinkerManRC:

    Another Cool Video Keep them comming Aweet and thumbs Up..Tim

  • rgthd007:

    Hey Tim, many thanks for your awesome comments…Bob

  • Peter Dunkel:

    good food makes good mood, see your flight style

  • Fra42below:

    great flying, awesome 3d skills. congrats to the pilot….(hey just another

  • RCScaleAirplanes:

    Normally I don’t like to take such 3D junkies on tape because they are to
    nervous and very difficult to follow by the camera. You did a great job
    behind the camera, my friend. Harv is an excellent pilot even on
    helicopters. Thumbs UP

  • 3FLYTE:

    Wise choice on his part. Pizza’s more aerodynamic =) I’ve always liked
    flying calzones, though.

  • rgthd007:

    Thanks for watching and as for the PZ T-28, go for it! The white/red Navy
    version is a lot easier to see in the sky than the silver/blue Air force
    version. It looks better period. Cheers!

  • geneticallyinferior1:

    wow nice flying and some of the best cat herding i’ve seen!

  • joker rc:

    thats wild flying . it blows me away . walked in the local hobby shop and
    low and behold theres a PZ T-28B BNF ,I really like the white/red… but i
    might have to buy it this week ,,

  • rgthd007:

    Thanks Mark! Yes, the kid is a bit of a freak of nature, he picks up stuff
    way too fast. We think he’s really an alien. If I went to helis I’d be
    broke fixing it after crashing it all the time lol. I think I’ll stick to
    javelin catching, it’s safer. Cheers, Bob

  • 3FLYTE:

    Yeah, I’ll take up cat herding before heli videoing :^D LOL.

  • rgthd007:

    Thanks very much Tim. The rain has settled in here so there may be long
    stretches between flying sessions and videos for the rest of the season :-(

  • rgthd007:

    Thanks for watching and the nice comments! Yes, even Canada has an Area 51

  • rgthd007:

    Thanks Steve! High praise coming from you. I watched it back and realized I
    need to back off on the zoom so much (unlike the planes) and stop feeling
    like I have to fill the frame with the heli. I guess this comes from
    watching so many heli vids where the heli is a little speck out there
    somewhere and you can’t tell what’s going on. I’m hoping with a bit more
    practice to find the sweet spot. Thanks again!

  • Leonidas Printezis:

    ????? ??? ???? ??????. !!!

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