Old Vintage RC Video Magazine #4 1985 Contents in Description

Old Vintage RC Video Magazine #4 1985 Contents in Description

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8 Responses to “Old Vintage RC Video Magazine #4 1985 Contents in Description”

  • f preston:

    radio control is yet another British invention .

  • Waltkat:

    1985 is considered vintage!?! I could swear it was only a few weeks ago…I'm feeling kinda old now….:(

  • JolteonThunders:

    wow cool man I love the video you got my like.Hey Hi How is your day, My name is Sparky An I have a Furry youtube channel call: JolteonThunders!!! My Channel is a Entertainment Channel. Mostly I upload different video mostly everyday. My Channel is Gaming Channel and R/C Channel in one, I like to be different then most YouTubers. I enjoy Playing with my R/C cars and I love to game too. I will be active on your channel if your active on mine. and i was just looking for new youtube channels like you so we can be friends but its up to you! My Goal is to have fun and keep people happy an helping out New or Old channel as the best as I can, I also do Shout Out on Sunday if you want to be in one its up to you..
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  • RC Model Planes:

    Yellow twin at 12 minutes … any ideas what that is?

    Didn't see the Supermarine land … is that a bad sign?

    Those graphics at 26 mins, must have been quite a labour, back then.

    Ha, ha … "and the cost of a servo".

  • Fly Oz:

    Old ? Vintage? steady on 1985 was just the other day 🙁

  • Juniorbatista Junior:

    did anyone see Chip Hyde there? I didn't know he had stated so young.

  • Fly Radio:

    What a video !!! Really enjoyable 🙂
    Thank you so much for posting it 🙂

  • Jose Maria Garcia Yamin:

    Excelente Video.

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