Old Fashion, EBay, Missing parts, Raptor 36, Nitro Heli Build. Did it finally fly?

Awaiting parts on this 17 year old, brand new and supposedly complete Thunder Tiger Raptor 36 Heli had me building with anticipation. But when all the parts finally came from all over the world (Thank you ChasingWaves), I got it done and took it out for the first time to see if it would fly. This is what happened. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.
Dave Herbert
AMA L-8221
LM/CD/Scientific Div.
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11 Responses to “Old Fashion, EBay, Missing parts, Raptor 36, Nitro Heli Build. Did it finally fly?”

  • FPV Stomper:

    Another enjoyable trip down memory lane. I bought the rtf R30 when it was released. The tt36 was not a great engine by any means, the tried and true os 32sxh netted great results. I flew the heck out of it, learned mild 3d. Crashed, fixed, flew, repeat! Ive owned 3 more since that one.
    Anyone looking for great tips on this bird, go to raptortechnique.com
    This channel makes me want restore/fly an old nitro, more people should follow suit! Challenge yourself!

  • mazpr2025:

    Honkai Impact, that was the commercial to your video.

  • TragedyTrousers:

    I just got a vintage raptor 30 v1 flying for a friend. All the metal parts were covered in surface rust. Got it flying though!

  • boss hogg24:

    Super stable looks great

  • 321RCHeli:

    That was my first heli and I had more fun with that thing than any other, even with the dreaded woof and poof, thrown tail blades and the canopy clip that could pop off. I could just about build one with my eyes closed even now. Great to see an HD video of it in the air.

  • BOKI797:

    NightFlyer Dave; that sure was a Nice Build Video & Flight of the Raptor 36 ! Your just Great ! Thanks for another Nice Video !

  • Alex Bong:

    GOOD Bird!! I owned 1 >10 yrs old which is my birthday gift from my wife, I upgraded it to Raptor 50 SE at later time. It's sit on my shelf now.

  • Bud Parriott:

    Incredible Build and Test Flight by a Marine that doesn't quit and knows how to improvise is a wonder to see. Oorah, Dave for a job well done.

  • SueBobChicVid:

    I believe you could make something that flies from any pile of parts!

  • halleffect1:

    nice work Mr. Herbert, you have the patience of Job.

  • GadgetMart:

    Nice to see another raptor v1 make it into the air

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