NEXT RC Helicopter SIM brief Review

NEXT RC Helicopter SIM brief Review

This is the new Heli simulator called CGM RC Heli Simulator, made in Germany and suitable for Win, Mac and Linux. It´s small in size, only for helicopters but with very nice graphs and physics, also with many new models which I think they feel very much alike. (I´ve tried most of those Aligns only). You must buy a dongle from Amazon or other places and use you own Tx. I also have Phoenix, RF 6.5 and Aerofly. This Sim I think that has the best physics along with Phoenix. Aerofly has better graphics but helis are slugish and is difficult to modify them (you can), and RF 6.5 is very good for airplanes but helis are easier than real life and than other sims. Upgrades are downloaded fast and free with improvements, new helis and scenarios. Apple has a free Next SIM lite which has 1 heli and 1 scenario, can´t autorotate, you should try it for free. 🙂


7 Responses to “NEXT RC Helicopter SIM brief Review”

  • Kai Miller:

    How do I connect my dx7s to it

  • rob b:

    i use phoenix rc 5 sim, i find it realistic except when i smash my heli into the ground in real life, it doesn't fix itself

  • jesus131103:

    muy bueno gracias      

  • Kanari Mentos:

    this no option we cannot see any information how to calibrate nothing witch control we need to use

  • Piotr Kundu:

    Another thing is that the sims are the fact that all helis are ser up perfectly, which I tell you none pf mu real ones is.

  • Piotr Kundu:

    I got a new Windows 8 based gamlng computer for the sole purpose of sims. It makes my MBP graphic card look like a joke. Its an R9 280X, a mid range GPU and it manages Virtual RC with 140fps and I can barerly male 20fps on my MBP with the same setting and resolution. From what I can see, the heli sims are a box with a center of gravity (cg) and an force from the main blades and tail. Bur the lift is not equal along the mains, also the blaades flex. Wind is addes like a force applied to every other force there is, regardless on how big the surface is. In best of worlds wind and other forces should be raytraced, just as you do with light or bullets or granades in a "real" game. Check out "box2d raytrace".

  • Piotr Kundu:

    So I will keep Next for sure as long as I own an Mac. I might flip the RF7.5 if Phoenix is better, but I do fly EDF planes so I guess RF7.5 will stay for that reason. Another reason might be the hovering training in RF7 is quite challenging (at least for me as a semi-beginner). Graphics is much better in RF7.5, but I rather have a good sim than nice graphics. If you are NEW and thinking RF7.5 vs Next then get Next.

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