New Walkera 130D01 4ch 2.4ghz Flybarless Co-Axial Rc Heli

Here is another model we might soon carry, the Walkera V130D01. Let us know what you think about this heli in the comments below.

Currently not available on our website, stay tuned for more info
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20 Responses to “New Walkera 130D01 4ch 2.4ghz Flybarless Co-Axial Rc Heli”

  • Timebender Pike:

    I want to stick with coaxials until I improve my flying skills. But for me at least this one sounds like its not going to be as stable as a coxial with a flybar. I'm sure it.s a nice little copter though for sure.

  • 1205juergen:

    I like only brushless motors …..

  • 1205juergen:

    I have three Walkeras , all running well without crashes ….

  • Dean Buhr:

    I love my ufys, still like my blade 120sr and msr (growing weary of cheap design though) and for the last 2 days I've been flying the mcx2 around my tiny living room. My daughter loves it when I land it on her hand. The other birds of course don't do well inside, although I try. So yes. Co axils much fun inside and very relaxing. But I'm getting a walkera model next.

  • DezConMasta:

    even cooler than the x100 bieng flybarless,

    the price is probobly a bit more expensive

  • Justin Angers:

    @xhelicopter Cool, also, dont mind to crash every once and a while 😉
    (make sure to catch it on film 😉

  • xhelicopter:

    @SecondCocacola We are working on getting some more fun 3D helicopters for you guys -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @jrm769 Their not useless. Maybe for someone who is already past the coaxial stage than it may not be a fun helicopter for them. But if you are someone who just wants to have a very fun and easy going helicopter to fly than these smaller ones can be quite fun. I like to fly the bigger helis too, but I still use the smaller ones to sharpen up my flying from all orientations 🙂 -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @DirkME1022 Me too. It fun to take them up and have a relaxing day of flying. -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @xunil3 I agree. Coaxial helicopters can get boring at times, but when someone wants to kick back and relax the coaxial is just perfect for those nice easy going flying around the house 🙂 Not to mention it is now flybar so you can zoom around faster without the blade strike. However it's still a little bigger than some of the smaller ones so it may not be too safe for the kids 🙂 -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @zotter7 We are still testing it. If there is enough interest we will be carrying it soon for you guys 🙂 -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @Mark2790 Thanks. Check out our newest video of the Walkera 4f200LM. It's a very nice scale helicopter and I think you will love it! -Tony

  • xhelicopter:

    @chiosex lol yea. It's only a coaxial and you really can't do much except fly around. Not to mention the small area I was flying in 🙂 -Tony

  • Craig McVeigh:

    He looked as bored making this vid as I got watching it!

  • Major Rage:

    @Mark2790 agreed

  • SentinelGames:

    If you love the stability of a coaxial, you won't love this helicopter. I've flown one, and it is indeed nice, but being flybarless makes it behave more like a single rotor. Not a bad thing, but to all those coaxial lovers you may want to think carefully about this.

  • Mark2790:

    Im looking for more scale helis. Too many coaxial and 3d models with sport canopies out there and they all look the same. But I'll always watch your videos!

  • Dirk Zuchner:

    I still like the coaxial design :-))

  • fumochicles10:

    looks like the new model of walkera 5 #10, today i crashed it 🙁

  • Justin Angers:

    im think i speak for all of us when i say we are all tired of co-axiel helis. how about telling those helis makers to send you some nice, 3D 400 size+ helis and flying them how they should be.

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