Micro RC Bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter with CC3D

ESKY 150X is by far the smallest, highly scaled, flybarless and highly realistic Replica of a Real Bell 222, Airwolf Helicopter. Not only the looks but also it has the most stable flight performance I have even seen in any Flybarless fixed pitch Micro RC helicopter. ESKY 150X is amazingly stable and easy to fly, thanks to CC3D perfectly tweaked inside the helicopter. Not only the flight stability but also its durability is what makes it a very beginner friendly RC Helicopter. No matter you are an advanced or a beginner RC Helicopter pilot, you will simply love ESKY 150X bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter. Beginners can enjoy learning to fly with this amazing stable helicopter, and Advanced pilot can go for challenge and fun flights with this micro RC Airwolf. Not to mention, if you are an Airwolf Movie fan, you are going to love it and it’s a must have for you to own one. Enjoy the complete review and maiden indoor flight and see this micro beauty in action.

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10 Responses to “Micro RC Bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter with CC3D”

  • Chetan Mhalsekar:

    Please tell me from where did u buy? By the way I'm in Singapore does it available here???

  • Dave Day:

    But you said elsewhere that it didn't have CC3D and was a struggle to fly. Note that the real Airwolf wasn't black, it was gunmetal colour.

  • ???:

    It's sound like mcpx
    I should buy it for my birthday presents

  • MicKMuzZ MKMZ:

    Nice review! I also grew up loving Airwolf in the 80s & can totally understand your delight!

    I was looking at micro full function scale helis & did see this little gem & thought how cool it was. I also came across another extremely attractive model as well, which makes deciding even harder!

    The other model was made by WLtoys & is a scale AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel). I don't remember the model item name or number. It is 6ch, flybar-less, normal & 3d capable. Being scale, it also has the 3 blade rotor of it's full-size likeness.

    I don't know if you have seen or maybe even reviewed this model yet. I looked through your other videos but didn't find a vid on it. If you haven't already, can you please review the aforementioned model?

    I'll admit that I much prefer the look of the Bell 222 Airwolf model you reviewed here, however the AS350 has so many great features (not to mention how affordable it is).

    I also very much like the Blade Apache & there's also a lovely Blackhawk (can't recall who makes it) out there too, but these seem in a higher price range. The Blackhawk has excellent detail but that could mean more to break when it eventually hits something.

    Anyway, it's exciting to see how tiny r/c is becoming.
    Keep flying & keep up the cool vids! ?

  • Andy Lupo:

    I love your enthusiasm for Airwolf. I too, am a huge fan. i learned that the original Airwolf was sold to an Air Ambulance Service in Germany & was crashed into a hill side about 6 months afterwards. So sad 🙁 Thanks for your review & I anticipate that I will be purchasing one in the near future 🙂 THANX SO MUCH !

  • nemo skull:

    i shouldnt be watching this. now i want one and a huey cardstock model..

  • Aimers-chito Macarubbo:

    where to buy that airwolf copter ?

  • RCPerfectionist:

    Thanks for letting us know about that! I sure would like a blue thunder micro scale heli too!

  • zamzuri anuar:

    Wow, room full of rc

  • Franky goes to Hobbywood:

    very nice indoor flying..!

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