Learning figure 8’s – RC heli flight school v1.1

RC Flight video, how to learn to fly figure 8’s in every orientation. This video guides you through step by step how to practice different orientation and learn to groove in a circle. This is a good step towards full 3D flight and teaches you how to adjust the helicopter. For bonus and stretch moves morphing transitions are discussed along with stall turns and changing direction. To see the complete flight school guide visit http://www.chadrg.com
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7 Responses to “Learning figure 8’s – RC heli flight school v1.1”

  • xXG.L.HXx:

    Im sorry but where is the lesson here? All I hear theory if anything, no actual lesson.

  • EbonySeraphim:

    That's normal for collective pitch helicopters and it's called active piloting. You must learn to deal with this tendency. Watch the hover training video and you can see the very minor corrections that are constantly being made. Your MSR is more stable because of the flybar that always resists acceleration without your input.

  • Alex Arango:

    Set up phoenix? thanks

  • zfloop:

    sciullo779, check out my website. If you want you can send me a video to diagnose. Keep working on your circles until you can do 5 in a row at the same height. Then work on the figure 8 transitions.
    Good luck!

  • Elios0000:

    @heliflyer999 you need to recalibrate your TX

  • heliflyer999:

    I would like to see you start the helicopter on the ground, rise into a hover, and then let your hands off the sticks. When I use the Phoenix Simulator, I have to 'trim' the ail, elev, but it is always either too much, or not enough, and am constantly having to compensate it. My Blade SR is more stable than the simulator. Are there any tips you can provide?

  • zfloop:

    @AfghanKnight007 The sim is called Phoenix search phoenix-sim

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