Laser Pitch Gauge Part 1

Laser Pitch Gauge Part 1

Leveling the swashplate with the Laser Pitch Gauge. Always level your swashplate before doing any other setup work!
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  • Ron Lund:

    After using this tool for a couple years now, I find it to be a lot better to mount the laser in one of the grips and use some tape to keep it from rotating and unhook the linkage to that grip while I mark my reference points. Be sure to watch the video about leveling the swashplate with the V2 Laser Pitch Gauge.

  • rSanCR:

    Is it accurate to attach the laser to the grips? Because the swash plate isn't level to begin with? I am confused, wouldn't mounting the laser on the head block far more accurate?

  • Nitrokyosho:

    if you use a digital caliper like i do to measure all your links it will all come out perfectly level , i just finished building my align trex 500 pro and after flying it all my trims were centered and i didn't have to move one trim and the blade tracking was perfect.people make this helicopter stuff out to be way move complex than it really is . nice video

  • Ron Lund:

    @FJARVGR WRONG. It doesn't matter one bit if the helicopter is level or not as long as it's still.

  • Greg Jarvis:

    you know the swash plate is level providing that the marks are perfectly level, providing that the floor of the shop isn't slanted in the least, roviding that the table is perfectly level with the marks and providing that the skids on the machine are perfect. Too many provisions.

  • Ron Lund:

    It isn't necessary to level it. Just don't let it move after you mark the 4 points.

  • Maxwell Goodacre:

    Do you have to first put the helicopter on a perfectly level surface before using the laser to level the swash plate? If yes, what part of the T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro, would be level? Example: The Head Block, Skids, Top of frame, …ect. be level with the table (before you start using the laser pitch gauge).
    Thank you, Max.

  • Ron Lund:

    It's important that the links are sized properly. I used a new Raptor X-50 in this video and the links were really tight. That's why the laser doesn't move each time the subtrim beeps.

  • WC Wickedclown RC inc:


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