Install LED Lights On Your RC Vehicle – How-To

Roger and Adam show us the basics of installing aftermarket lights to your RC vehicle.

Axial Universal Light Bar Set (AX31152)
Axial 8 LED Light String White (AX31098)
3 Port High Output LED Controller (AX31097)
Traxxas LED Light Bar (Chrome) (Summit) (TRA5684)
RC Car Flashing Light Kit (INTC23295)

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In this video I am doing my first of many ‘How To’ guides. I am showing you how to easily install LED lights for your R/C car, including traxxas slash, E-revo, E-maxx, Rally anything with a traxxas waterproof receiver box . I also show to to connect the lights to your receiver to safe your self messing around with batteries.

Many people ask do they wast your R/C trucks battery, and the answer is no, LED use so little power you won’t notice it affect the power, however if you light up your car with let’s say 30 lights you may notice a slight power reduction.

The lights came from a good website called ‘RC Lighthouse’ they do good deals on lights, and you can have completely customised sets. So please check them out.

If you have any questions on installing the lights either comment (helps others) or if it’s more complicated E-mail me (address below) so please follow me on my social media sites.

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16 Responses to “Install LED Lights On Your RC Vehicle – How-To”

  • Robbie Huff:

    So im new to rc and just bought a CEN F450 and adding after market front and rear bumpers that have led lights in them as well as a light bar on the roof… so 3 things with lights.. what light controller would I need to make them work?

  • Bitcoin Fox:

    Just added some 6 LED lights to my HOSIM 9125 and took it out for a night drive. Look and work fantastic. Being able to know which way the RC is facing with the lights is fantastic!

  • FrankChicago Ceoull:

    How many milliamperes can the receiver supply to the lights. I would think their is a limit on the number or size of leds’ you can install as far as power demand. I guess you could install a mini relay to power the lights if the power demand gets too high

  • Mario Wong:

    Can you install led lights on an ECX Circuit truck?

  • David Young:

    Will the Axial AX31152 fit older Traxxas Stampede

  • Zdattone Jones:

    Where are you guys?
    I enjoy your information

  • Peter Hino:

    Two thumbs up learned a lot with your videos

  • Carlos Eduardo Rojas:

    Hello RC Streeet Shop, My name is Carlos Rojas. I tell you that I have an RC traxxas Ford Raptor 1/10 scale 2wd slash, and I want to install that led light bar from the Pro Line brand, in addition to installing the front and rear lights to my truck. Which ones can you recommend?, My RC truck has only 3Ch model 6519 KA1867-R01 receiver. Ch1 Ch1 Ch3 Ch3. If I buy the led bar and the front and rear lights through amazon, can I connect them to my receiver? , Or should I change my receiver and change the remote control.? Excelent Video.

  • droneandroam:

    Big guy sounds like John C Rielly lol

  • Slow Crawler:

    Hey guys Where do I get the Piaa fog lights

  • Michael Czombel:

    Listen to him breathe, he sounds like he's going to have a stroke or heart attack, because he's so fat

  • Michael Czombel:

    They are the most fat ,overweight, pathetic, out of shape people.

  • Kevin Isaguirre:

    What if it turns on and then just turns off


    Is okay to run lights through the bind or VCC port on receivers?

  • Fernando Cabral:

    Hi guys what's the size of the jst connector on the end of the light strands 1.25mm 1.50mm 2.0mm

  • Carlos Cruz:

    Rc street shop home much for you to take a look at my rc car that isn’t responding with remote ?

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