Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter Review, BladeRunner Series

Hurrican H6 Remote Control Helicopter http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the large Hurricane H6 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter. This is a 20″ 3 Channel Gyro Stability Helicopter that can be flown in light to moderate wind.

Here are some more specs on the Hurricane H6 –

Built tough for long-lasting play – Metal Chassis
20″ 2.4GHz remote-controlled helicopter offers non-stop outdoor fun for kids of all ages
Digital proportion precision control for easy handling
High-quality radio and antenna connection makes it easy to maneuver where, how and when you want
Aerodynamic design and sleek blue is eye-catching
Dual Rotor Design

While the Hurricane H6 does not have a camera or do flips or stunts, it is a solid and fun RC helicopter that is easy to fly.

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com to learn more about the Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter
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14 Responses to “Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter Review, BladeRunner Series”

  • Trevor Harvey:

    By chance do you know what size charger this comes with? Lost mine and looking for a new one?

  • angry demon:

    Do the propellers break when it crashed?

  • Tim Walker:

    I have one but crashed it and jacked up the gears but I am going to buy another one. For the money-bought first one for $35 at CostCo–its little money for a lot of fun!?

  • Mahmoud Ashraf:

    For how much?

  • Mahmoud Ashraf:
  • Mahmoud Ashraf:

    Can it do flips?

  • Garry Thompson:

    I have the Typhoon witch is no different from the Hurricane but my major problem is that i cannot find any replacement rotor blades or any other part's for it but for the Interactive toy sight and there is no way to order them…does anyone know where else i can find the parts for the Hurricane/Typhoon??

  • Ryan Black:

    Can you please review the BladeRunner Series Typhoon and Triumph?

  • seukka seppola:

    It seems to be turning to the right all the time?

  • The Schmoo-cux-pam:

    I have that!!!!!?

  • kanissan kalaichelvan:

    that was good I have one too it is so cool

  • SuperBardley:

    @CaptBill: I have been reluctant to open it up since Costco has such a great return policy.

    How did you get at the battery? I do know that we don't want to use a battery with a longer burn time because of possible motor damage (overheating), but better to have a battery w/ a longer recharge life.?

  • Klaus Ventures:

    What motor is used in this heli? Could you tell me please? I realize that there are two motors within the Hurricane H6. What i'm interested in is the make and model of the motors. I want to get a motor that is the same dimension and specifications as the ones used in the hurricane H6. Can anyone help??

  • Walter:

    Where can I find replacement rotor blades for this helicopter?

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