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In this video we show you how to fly a 3 channel rc toy helicopter. For spare parts and/or for more information visit us at
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4 Responses to “HOW TO: How To Fly 3 Channel RC Toy Helicopter – MyWebRC”

  • Javier Michel:

    you are gay?

  • TechExpert:

    i dont know if anyone will respond but i have that kind of heli but i dont have a trim well like that its just a simple button who is L and R i dont have the hell i think its the same thing but i dont know how to adjust it its spinning itself but not crazy spinning its spinning a bit… pls help? how do i know when i adjust it correctly??

  • dark helios bruh:

    This video helped but for some reason the prepelars on the top won't spin the ones on the bottom will but I can't get it to ascend any tips?

  • Abhishek Soni:

    this video is helpfull in some ways

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