How To Balance Your Helicopter

In this video we go over how to Balance your helicopter, something very easy and over looked.

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10 Responses to “How To Balance Your Helicopter”

  • @JG-dx1ud:

    Thanks for your time and willingness to share consistently good information! There is a lot of conflicting information available now, and it's comforting to hear your explanations of "WHY" we should do things. I appreciate it so much.

  • @greendiode5522:

    Can you do this without the blades attached?

  • @hotscarywjm:

    Holy Moly! That was incredibly helpful. Thank you ?

  • @anneudysheredia7540:

    Great video, suggestion: a video on nano heli swash leveling please.

  • @Ryan-uu4tw:

    Awesome info, definitely taught me something. Had you not shown the finger tips under the blades method and compared I would still be flying off balance helis. I had no idea how inaccurate my method was but I guess that’s what happens when your a self taught newbie. Thanks?

  • @fossfix:

    Thanks Great info but I do wonder how many actual RC Fliers balance there Helis ?

  • @Drd4all:

    Just started flying my Goosky S2 in 3D mode, learning to basically hover it and your videos helped me a ton, both with the technical aspecs and the inspiration to see what these magnificent machines are capable of, you make it seem waaaay easier that it really is ?. Thanks !

  • @targetoz5470:

    Thanks heaps for the vid, re the 2 finger lift what if you used something like a fork so to speak, thinking that fingers wouldn’t be accurate??

  • @Dibilibix27:

    Good video. I would like to ask you, how often do you see people using "rescue" mode in Ikon? And what is the suscessful rate, I mean, does it saves the heli from crash? And comparing to vbar neo, is it much different? Thank you so much, I really enjoy and learn from your videos.

  • @19Silverboy82:

    This is great to know thanks I only knew about the 2 finger lift thanks again

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