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Be sure to check it out here – http://www.amazon.com/Holy-Stone%C2%AE-Predator-2-4Ghz-Channels/dp/B0157IHJMQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446426585&sr=8-1&keywords=HS170+drone

Check out the Holy Stone Predator, an RC Quadcopter with a sweet name that flips, has headless mode, and a return to home feature! The Predator doesn’t just claim to do these things, it looks pretty awesome while doing them! With the option to turn the lights on the quadcopter on and off during flight, there are a lot of combinations you can come up with while flying indoors or outdoors with the RTF RC for less than . Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors are finishing up some fun footage from their Fall 2015 Vacation in the Smoky Mountains with this fun Holy Stone Predator Drone!


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  • TDT 13:

    I will get a 2 holy stone?

  • TDT 13:

    It crashes a little?

  • TDT 13:

    I changed a perpeller?

  • TDT 13:

    I love it to?

  • TDT 13:

    I have that to?

  • Stacey Abshire:

    You've not broken a prop? You've not been flying hard enough :D?

  • Nate Brenneman:

    Nice little quad. Bummer it beeps in headless mode no idea why a company would do that instead of just changing how the lights flash or something. Still not bad for $30. Flying just a hair above the floor or even on the floor is usually how I get use to the controls before I actually fly a quad. That can actually be a lot of fun too.?

  • Chris Hendriks (OnTheSpectrum):

    Pretty amazing quad for the price! I also like the prop guard design on this one as crashing upside down without killing the throttle made me lose a load of props on my Nano Quad. I'm like Abby in that regard lol, by day 2 of the hobby I lost enough props all over the house to deplete my baggy, I had to install all of the extra ones. Nice job Abby on reaching the top of the stairs pretty well, I still need some practice indoors to master that lol!

    The only downside to this quad seems to be the trim buttons multifunction. I have found out that most quads need serious trimming before being able to hover and fly stable. This one seems stable out-of-box though.

    Nice review as always, and a total bargain for 30 bucks! Still awaiting until my Nano Quad comes back fixed so I can exchange it for the Revell Control Rayvore/Dominus (also considered the SPOT/KODO cam quad) for a cheap price.

    Nano Quadcopter is imo too hard to fly indoors for noobs like me (in my experience), due to the speed of that tiny drone. I think a Nano Hexacopter is better for beginner indoors flying. I am a little poor but I should have my new drone by Friday, I can't wait ugh… Awaiting the fixed Nano so I can exchange it for credit and get a more durable drone for cheaper.

    Time moves slowly when awaiting a new RC toy xD?

  • Steve RC:

    The annoying "headless mode" beep is on the WLToys 686 also.
    Agree Abby, "who's bright idea was that?"
    Isn't the throttle response on the mini quads amazing? No gearing to wind up, no shift of torque, just immediate response making the throttle one of the best avenues to "pilot out of trouble".?

  • Donny Goodall:

    Awesome flyer seems very fast and I love everything holy stone makes. Great vid guys:)?

  • DutchRC Adventures:

    Fun demo of this quadcopter people 😀 I allways enjoy your reviews!?

  • Juno Mac RC:

    nice on, check your email?

  • NJ Productions:

    man its amazing how much better and more affordable these little quads have gotten over the past few years. 3 years ago I paid $40 for a hubsan x4 (which was the best mini quad at the time) and it broke after the first small crash. now you can buy one of these for $30 and it preforms so much better and is so much more durable. nice review guys!?

  • Crispin Saunders:


  • Jason Harrison:

    "It's kinda funny that Abby can lose props EVEN with the prop guard" lol had me cracking up?

  • Jason Harrison:

    @Nate did you always have a mustache? lol never noticed it.?

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